Sunday Long Run: Fitness and outdoor stuff for the bank holiday weekend

Solo-climbing 82 year-olds, books on the art of walking and clever new workout kit
The weekend fitness and outdoor guide

Not only is it Sunday, but it's a bank holiday weekend. Double whammy! Which means there's no better time to sit back and fill your extra free hours with some of the best things happening in the fitness and outdoor world – what to buy, watch, read and race in one handy guide.

And while we've got you, check out the best of this week's content from Get Sweat Go:

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The Last Climb: Eric Jones

When it comes to a life full of adventure, there aren't many people that come close to the legendary Eric Jones. A man who's climbed, parachuted, base jumped, hot air ballooned and motorbiked all over the world.

Now, at 82, Eric takes on another challenge, an incredible solo climb on the dramatic south west ridge of the Torre Delago in the Italian Dolomites. Yes, that means unassisted with no ropes.

The BBC episode covers Eric's amazing life as he embarks on what is set to be his last climb, delving into not only his climbing achievements, but the personal aspects of his life that have lead up to this momentous feat.

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Under Armour Vanish Snap Shorts

Buy now: Under Armour (UK) / Under Armour (US) | $45

Sunday Long Run

Under Armour recently released its latest range of Rush products, made from a fabric that's designed to absorb body heat and reflect it back as infrared energy. The idea being that the recycled energy increases circulation that then goes on to improve performance, energy and recovery. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

To be honest, we can't confirm that's actually happening when you're wearing the kit, but that hasn't stopped us from loving a number of the items from the collection, and our favourites of the bunch by far are the Vanish Snap Shorts.

A garment that's perfect for functional training due to the loose, yet still nicely fitted design, they're not only stretchy but the wicking fabric means that the sweat doesn't stay there long. We've only had a few pairs of training shorts that we've really liked over the years – the Vanish Snaps have just been added to that list.

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CrossFit London

Whether you're a seasoned CrossFitter looking for a new box or someone who's toying with the idea of stepping into the sport for the first time, CrossFit London is one of the best you're going to find in the capital.

Its two studio locations are both found in Bethnal Green, with the main location sitting within the enormous railway arches. This main studio is a sight to behold, with two massive areas allowing for multiple classes to take place at the same time.

As well as an enormous amount of equipment and space for sessions, the East London home has a fancy new cafe, an impressive set of changing rooms, an incredibly supportive community and some of the most experienced functional fitness trainers in the city. If you're in the area and you're serious about your training, head down for a look yourself.

Where: Bethnal Green

Price per class: £20, with unlimited monthly classes costing £185

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Ashtanga Dispatch Podcast

Sunday Long Run

The beauty of the Ashtanga Dispatch podcast comes not only from the engaging discussion style of presenter Peg Mulqueen, but also from the sheer variety of guests that she has speak on each of the episodes.

That enormous variety opens up the dialogue to a wide range of viewpoints on topics surrounding Ashtanga from some of the discipline's most renowned experts.

Expect passionate discussions on a range of subjects covering practice, relationships, juggling family life, injury, pain and ageing. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, there's something here for everyone to learn from.

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Royal Parks Summer 10K Series – Greenwich Park

Sunday Long Run

There are far easier places to run a 10k in London, you can be sure of that, but there also aren't many as scenic as tackling the hills in Greenwich Park.

Starting at the top of the fairly big hill means that your first taste of the race is all positive. The park is beautiful, there's an amazing view of Canary Wharf and the first kilometre or so is a delightful downhill through the tree-lined paths.

Then it suddenly gets a lot harder, with some of the toughest climbs you'll find across the city, so be ready. Don't expect to get a PB on the course as it's a killer, but prepare for an overwhelming sense of achievement as you finish that last climb and overlook the city – then head into Greenwich for a slap-up and well-earned brunch, knowing that you've earned it.

Where: Greenwich Park, London

Price: £19

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In Praise Of Walking: The New Science Of How We Walk And Why It’s Good For Us – Shane O’Mara

Buy now: Amazon | From $12.24

Sunday Long Run

We love a nice walk in the open air, but how many of us actually understand the complex art of putting one leg in front of the other or how our brains handle the complexity of balancing?

In Praise Of Walking is a celebration of an action that most people rarely think about. As well as covering the science behind how we move it also looks at the many benefits of walking, from how it can help protect and repair organs, slow or turn back the ageing of our brains as well as help us think more creatively.

Yes, walking is pretty amazing, and in an increasingly sedentary world, it's something we're slowly losing our grip on. Read this and understand why that trip to the park is worth more than a bit of fresh air.

The five-minute fix

Ever wondered how body builders would cope if made to do a full-on CrossFit session? Well, the Lean Machines filmed a video about just that. Spoiler: mobility is an issue (13.35)

Is experience more important than youthfulness when it comes to Ultras? This article from Outsideonline.cominvestigate why that may indeed be the case (5.00)

It's probably one of the most important videos in running, but you'd be surprised how many people haven't seen it. Watch the full narrated video of Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile here (4.40)