Dope beats: Scientist creates performance enhancing music for your running watch

130bpm is the perfect cadence...allegedly
Perfect music for running revealed

If you’re the kind of person that can’t bear to run without your tunes, a new study will be music to your ears.

It’s well documented that adding music to a workout can boost performance by up to 15%, but now The Running Channel has enlisted a sports scientist to create the perfect running music.

The collaboration with Professor Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University aims to create the perfect running track, which has been added to Spotify and can be played from devices like the Forerunner 245 Music or Fenix 6.

That means matching the perfect rhythm and, of course, tempo – to not only help eat up the miles but also boost performance as well.

“Some of the key ingredients in the extensive scientific prescription for the track are a tempo of between 130 and 140 bpm; a 4/4 rhythm with a moderate level of syncopation,” said Andy Baddeley of The Running Channel.

We’ve seen similar efforts before, and running used to be a key part of the Spotify app, which would essentially mix a beat to your desired cadence.

The interesting part of this new collaboration is that the temp of the track is lower than optimal cadence, which is generally accepted to be 160 steps per minute.

“We have been able to show scientifically that the right music can improve many aspects of a runner’s performance by elevating their mood, syncing music’s rhythmic qualities with their body’s movements, or distracting them from physical discomfort,” said Professor Costas Karageorghis.

You can try out the track on Spotify for your next run, and it will be interesting whether it affects the way you run.

If you love to run to the beat then you can buy a running watch with music playback – and there are options that support popular streaming services, use offline playback so you can leave your phone at home, and good old MP3.

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