Strava data shows those who mix up sports get faster and fitter

The Get Sweat Go life is the secret to success
Strava data shows the secret to your PB

Strava has released a new bunch of interesting workout data, and it shows that mixing up your activity and fitness is the key to maximising your potential.

The fitness app – which is used by 44 million people – found that those who do more than one sport will spend far more time exercising than those who militantly stick to one type of activity.

The report found that “runners who also do yoga are twice as likely to stay active longer over the course of a year than someone who just runs.”

And it’s not just the yogis.

“People who do four different kinds of activities per week stay active for three times as many weeks in a year than someone who does just one sport.”

Mix it up for marathon success

Great news for the Get Sweat Go crew. And it can be good for our PBs too.

More data showed that runners who improved marathon times (under 4 hours) were more likely to have increased the frequency of non-running activities compared to the previous year.

Those that improved marathon times year-on-year did only 25% of their training runs at marathon pace. That’s compared to the year before, where the same sample were doing 43% of their runs at marathon pace.

We started Get Sweat Go because of our belief that mixing up exercise promoted a better fitness lifestyle – that blending yoga, running and strength workouts was the secret to a more fulfilling experience.

And it seems that Strava’s data proves that mixing up your sports isn’t just good for the mind – it could help your PBs and goals as well.

Here’s to yoga-ing, CrossFitting and trekking your way to marathon PBs in 2020.

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