Watch here: Eliud Kipchoge world’s first sub-two hour marathon

The challenge will be broadcast on YouTube as well as TV channels around the world
Watch Kipchoge's 1:59 attempt here

Update: Success! Eliud Kipchoge has become the first person to sub a sub-2 hour marathon. Watch the thrilling climax and read about the attempt here.

Eliud Kipchoge has his eyes on the record books, as always. On 12 October he’s going to undertake another attempt to run the world’s first-ever sub-two-hour marathon in Austria’s capital, Vienna.

Scroll down for the live feed of the attempt.

You might remember that he tried to do the same with Nike back in 2017 and came up just 26 seconds short, but this time he’ll be backed up by sponsor INEOS, which has labelled this the INEOS 1:59 challenge.

Tom Crotty, INEOS Group Director for Corporate Affairs and Communications, said: “Eliud Kipchoge’s mantra is ‘No Human is Limited’, and he wants to use the INEOS 1:59 challenge to inspire everyone to believe in themselves. Our role is to enable people around the world to watch his incredible, historic effort to break the two-hour barrier for the marathon."

As with that Nike attempt, this won’t be eligible for actual world record recognition due to the use of pace setters rotating in and out, but would still stand as a remarkable first.

But when is the event, and how can you watch it?

The INEOS 1:59 Challenge will take place on 12 October, starting at 8:00AM Viennese time, or 2:00AM EST.

This depends on weather and conditions, though – INEOS has a window of any time until 20 October in which the event could take place, if needed.

How to watch Eliud Kipchoge attempting the world’s first sub-two hour marathon

The event is being broadcast all over the world, on major networks including NBC in the US, and others internationally, but through a partnership with YouTube, the video-sharing site is your best bet to watch the attempt in real-time.

You can access that live stream right here as soon as it starts. So make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on when it happens.

If you’ll be near Vienna, though, you can also head along to watch the event in person, for free. Just head to the Hauptallee to watch, no ticket needed, or find one of two fan zones at the Hauptallee/Kaiserallee junction or Lusthaus roundabout.

How to watch Eliud Kipchoge attempting the world’s first sub-two hour marathon

A full breakdown of the attempt can be found via the challenge website here.

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