ASICS launches the new lighter, bouncier Novablast 3

The cushioned favourite is back – and it has some upgrades
ASICS launches the Novablast 3

ASICS has launched the third version of its hugely popular daily running shoe, the Novablast 3, featuring a lighter weight and updates to the midsole cushioning to offer even more bounce.

The last two iterations of the shoe have been a favourite for runners that want a balance of softness and comfort with the versatility to pick up the pace for faster efforts. For many, the line has been a go-to all-rounder option that works as a training partner for race shoes or a jack of all trades for people that want one shoe for all of their training.

ASICS launches the Novablast 3

The biggest update to the Novablast 3 is an updated FF Blast Plus midsole foam that aims to be even bouncier than previous versions of the shoe, adding an extra millimetre to the feel and forefoot.

The overall design also sees a stripped-down weight that ASICS states is 22g lighter that the Novablast 2.

Other developments include a winged-tongue construction to cradle the foot and reduce tongue movement and a reinforced heel design for more support and control through the gait cycle.

ASICS launches the Novablast 3

The previous version of the shoe, the Novablast 2, saw modifications to the midsole shape to address stability issues in the Novablast 1. The result was a sturdier ride but one that many felt lessened the energy return from the midsole. We're hoping that the Novablast 3 gets the balance right this time.

Hisanori Fujita, Manager, Performance Footwear, Design department at ASICS said: “The team at ASICS is beyond excited about the launch of the NOVABLAST 3 shoe. With design evolution and the latest technology, this new generation offers an even bouncier running experience and better support.

"As part of ASICS’ mission to help everybody experience the power of sport on body and mind, NOVABLASTTM 3 shoe can equip you for a more active lifestyle. The bouncy running experience this new shoe delivers will certainly keep you motivated in achieving a sound mind in a sound body through exercise.”

The ASICS Novablast 3 is available now costing $160. Click here to find out more.

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