The best running caps and vizors: Protect your head from the sun and the rain

Spend less time worrying about your noggin and more focusing on those PBs
The best running caps and vizors

Whether you wear it on every run or only bring it out when the sun is shining, no runner’s wardrobe is complete without a cap. It’s a vital ally in keeping your cool in hot conditions and your hair under control on the move, and the peak will not only shield your gaze from the sun’s rays but also keep the rain out of your face when the occasion demands.

To get these benefits it needs to the be right kind of cap, however. A proper running cap is lightweight, breathable and wicks sweat away from your scalp to evaporate quickly, all of which is key to a cap’s cooling properties.

A running cap also needs to be comfortable, especially if you’re planning on wearing it for long events like marathons, or even ultramarathons. It should also dry quickly and be able to retain its shape even after being shoved into a small kit bag.

Of course, function is not the only factor when picking a running cap – fashion plays a role too. Most running caps opt for an understated look, but there are some brands out there who are admirably adventurous in the range of designs on offer.

Best all-round caps

Ciele Red Rock GOCap

Buy now: Ciele (UK) / Ciele (US) / Amazon | $45

Best running caps

While other brands dabble in running caps, Ciele specialises in them, offering an unparalleled range of top-notch lids. There are designs to suit every runner, whether you want a patchwork of bright colours or something more understated, and the line-up is constantly being refreshed, so if you’re not a fan of the Red Rocks GOCap we’ve picked out here, rest assured there will be something more to your taste available.

All of the caps back up their style with technical excellence, offering everything a runner wants from their cap. They’re lightweight and made with Ciele’s COOLwick mesh, which wicks sweat away from your head to evaporate rapidly.

The caps are also machine washable, and the pliable brim won’t lose its shape even after you’ve put it through the wash many times. In fact, Ciele is confident enough in the quality of its caps that it offers a Million Mile Guarantee – if you’re not satisfied with your cap you can return it to be repaired, replaced or for a refund.

MISSION Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat

Buy now: MISSION (US) / Amazon | $19.99

Best running caps

If you’re running in the sun this hat will do more than any other to help keep you from overheating, thanks to the cooling zones in the fabric of the sweatband and front panel. Get these zones wet and they’ll stay cool for hours – just what the doctor ordered for a long run on a hot day.

The best way to use the cap is to submerge it and wring it out before you start your run, but you can also throw a bottle of water over it during a race to get the cooling benefits.

Naturally, you don’t always want the cap to be too cool and wet, especially if you live somewhere where really hot days are few and far between. Fortunately, it’s a great running cap when dry as well, being made from a soft, sweat-wicking fabric, and it won’t lose its shape after washing.

Nike AeroBill Running Hat

Buy now: NIKE (UK) / NIKE (US) / Amazon | $26

Best running caps

The perforated panels on this hat increase its breathability, while the AeroBill tech in the fabric ensures sweat doesn’t have a second to settle on your scalp before it’s wicked away. Whatever colour you opt for, the underside of the peak is black to limit glare on your run, and hopefully help you to stay focused on the kilometres to come.

One downside of the AeroBill cap is that it’s hand wash only, which is obviously more of a faff than a hat you can chuck in the machine with the rest of your sweaty kit. However, as a result, the peak is a little stiffer than other running caps, which some runners might appreciate.

Best running visors

Brooks Chaser Visor

Buy now: Brooks (UK) / Brooks (US) | $24

Best running caps

This lightweight visor is ideal for anyone who wants their luscious locks to have more freedom than a cap allows during their run. The Chaser Visor falls into the simple but effective bracket of running gear, and really there’s no need to get too complicated with a visor.

The band wicks sweat and dries quickly, and it’s easy to adjust the size using the strap on the back. There are also reflective details on the front of the visor to increase visibility at night.

The Chaser Visor comes in a variety of colours and you can also find a version with Brooks’s ‘Run Happy’ slogan emblazoned on the front if you shop around. Always good to have a reminder that running is something you should enjoy.

BUFF Pro Team Pack Run Ape-X Visor

Buy now: BUFF (UK) | £20.62

Best running caps

If packability is a central concern for you when picking a running cap, this BUFF visor should be top of your list. The soft fabric and flexible peak allow you to roll it up into a ball that can be stuffed into the smallest of spaces in your rucksack or a jacket pocket. When the visor is rolled up you can even easily hold it in one hand, if you have no other storage options available.

That makes the Ape-X Visor an especially useful option for ultra-marathoners who want something on hand to shield their eyes when the sun comes out during a long run. The soft material of the headband also does a stand-up job of keeping your noggin sweat-free and stretches to fit any head comfortably.

Best running caps for ultras

Inov-8 Race Elite Peak

Buy now: inov-8 (UK) / inov-8 (US) | $20

Best running caps

If you’re heading out to run an ultramarathon you need to be prepared for changeable conditions, because even if it’s sunny on the start-line you could be facing storms by kilometre 50. The inov-8 Race Elite Peak hat is designed to handle both sun and rain, with a breathable, water-resistant design with a micro-fibre sweatband running around the rim.

The peak and front panel of the cap is where you find the water-resistant fabric, which keeps the rain off your face, while the back is made from a mesh material to boost breathability. The size of the cap is quickly adjusted by the velcro strap on the back, and there are four different colours available including a rather pleasing purple option.

Salomon XA Cap

Buy now: Salomon (UK) / Salomon (US) / Amazon | $25

Best running caps

Comfort is key when you’re wearing a hat for the many hours it takes to complete an ultramarathon, and the Salomon XA Cap excels on this front. This is largely down to Salomon eschewing the standard one-size-fits-all approach to caps to offer a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

The material used in the XA Cap also dries in a flash, and the vents along its sides help with breathability. The fabric also offers UPF50 protection from the sun, and Salomon has gone further than most in offering a good range of colours, even if the designs on offer aren’t quite as distinctive as Ciele’s caps.

Best budget running caps

Dhb Run Cap

Buy now: Wiggle (UK) | £10

Best running caps

Although caps aren’t budget-busters in general, especially compared to other bits of running gear like shoes or jackets, no-one’s going to say no to a bargain, and this excellent cap from dhb is undoubtedly that.

Mesh vents run from the front of the cap and widen out to a larger section at the back to increase breathability, while the fabric used at the front is paper-thin and so incredibly lightweight. The cap can be adjusted using the velcro strap at the back and has a reflective logo on the front for night runs.

The dhb Run Cap also has a couple of loops on the front, and while we’re not exactly sure this is what they’re for, we found they worked well as a place to store gels on the run. That is if you don’t mind sporting a couple of gels on your hat, which does attract some funny looks.

Kalenji Running Cap

Buy now: Decathlon (UK) / Decathlon (US) | $9.99

Best running caps

Another great option for bargain-hunters, the Kalenji Running Cap is made from a wicking fabric that dries in double-quick time whether it's drenched by sweat or an untimely cloudburst. We wouldn’t bank on the cap being as durable as more premium options and it’s probably wise to wash it by hand to increase its longevity, but the Kalenji cap is otherwise as reliable an option for sunny runs as any other.

The hat can be adjusted using the rip-tab on the back and Kalenji are very precise with the range of heads it will fit – you’re bang out of luck if your head’s circumference doesn’t fall land somewhere between 51cm and 63cm, measured just above the eyebrows.

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