Brooks launches its Vaporfly competitor – the Hyperion Elite

Let the war of the carbon plates commence
Brooks launches its carbon plated shoe

The speed wars are well and truly on in 2020 with Brooks kicking off the year with the launch of its carbon plated race shoe, the Hyperion Elite.

The Hyperion Elite launches at the same time as the Hyperion Tempo, a shoe focussed on allowing for long and fast training miles that improves energy return and helps runners to recover faster.

Brooks claims that the Hyperion Elite is designed for those aiming for PRs on race day. Combining a new light DNA Zero midsole cushioning with the eagerly awaited Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate to propel the runner forward. That carbon plate will helps to save energy and keep the natural motion path even when the runner becomes fatigued.

Brooks launches its Vaporfly competitor – the Hyperion Elite

According to the designers, that DNA Zero midsole actually adapts to the unique stride of the runner to deliver a consistent level of cushioning throughout a race while the Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate has a unique spine construction for a speedy transition from heel to forefoot.

It'll come in at an impressive 195 grams (unisex) and has a midsole drop of 8 mm – around the same as the Vaporfly Next%. Brooks suggests that the shoe will cover between 50-100 miles.

The Hyperion Tempo is the partner training shoe to the Elite, still offering a lightweight and responsive ride via the new ultra-light DNA FLASH cushioning, but designed for higher mileage, energy return and durability over training runs.

That DNA FLASH midsole was created by infusing the Brooks adaptive DNA material with nitrogen which Brooks claim provides an incredibly lightweight, yet springy experience. There's also a woven upper to provide stretch and breathability for maximum comfort.

Brooks launches its Vaporfly competitor – the Hyperion Elite

The Hyperion Tempo weighs 210 grams (men) 188 grams (women) and has a midsole drop of 8 mm. It will have a lifespan of around 250-400 miles.

Des Linden, 2018 Boston Marathon winner says: “The Hyperion Tempo training shoes are really responsive. They felt cushioned and flexible while still being quick and snappy. The big toe push off and transition is super smooth.”

“We developed this Hyperion race duo for runners in need for competitive marathon racing footwear. The shoes give the runner protection over longer distances, so that you can run fast even when the form starts to break down due to fatigue,” explains Hugo Chouissa, EMEA footwear merchandiser. “Science shows that deviations increase with the duration of the run. So supportive footwear effects become increasingly important later in a race. Both shoes help to reduce the loading on the body which reduces injury, and it helps to maintain energy cost.”

The Hyperion Tempo is available from 1 April 2020 priced at £140 and the Hyperion Elite from 1 March 2020 priced at £210.

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