The ultimate runner gift guide: From personalized treats to marathon essentials

Unbeatable present ideas for the runner in your life
The ultimate runner gift guide

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member that's into running can be fairly tricky, especially if you don't run yourself. That's why we're here to make life a bit simpler with our guide to the best gifts for the runner in your life.

Our selection of tried and tested products should tick the boxes of any runner, whether they're a seasoned marathon veteran or they've just decided to do their first ever parkrun.

From the best new tech to useful gifts and accessories that you probably didn't even know existed, it's time to make present buying significantly easier.

The best tech gifts

Garmin Forerunner 245

The ultimate runner gift guide

If the runner you're buying a present for is a seasoned veteran, chances are they'll either have a running watch or they'll know exactly the one they want – either way, you don't want to be choosing a watch for them. If, however, you're looking to pick something up for a recent member of the running community then this offering from Garmin is amazing value.

It combines an enormous range of features covering GPS tracking, heart rate, VO2 Max, training status, advanced running dynamics and adaptive training plans. It'll also supply 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 24 hours in GPS mode. Everything a runner could want basically.

Jaybird Vista

The ultimate runner gift guide

The Jaybird Vista have quickly become our go-to headphones over the past few months. As well as the true wireless buds being some of the smallest we've seen, the tiny case also means that can get up to 16 hours battery life on the go.

The fact that they offer one of the most secure fits for a pair of headphones, along with an IPX7 that will protect them from immersion in water, makes the Jaybird Vistas one of the best option out there for runners. The Jaybird app will also allow careful personalization of the audio settings so users can get the exact sound they want.

Aftershokz Aeropex

The ultimate runner gift guide

Bone conduction headphones are where it's at these days for runners. Firstly because they offer one of the safest ways to listen to music whilst running and secondly because they're the only earphones that are approved for use in road races under the UK Athletics Rules of Competition.

If you've never used them before, let us settle any worries you might have. As well as being extremely light and comfortable to wear, the sound quality you get from this offering from Aftershokz will probably surprise you. Not only that, but you also get an IP rating of 67. So they'll keep going even if you drop them in a puddle.

Zwift RunPod

The ultimate runner gift guide

It may just look like a small plastic button but the Zwift is a very clever piece of tech designed to turn treadmill training sessions into a fun social activity.

Worn on the laces of the shoe, the RunPod will measure speed, cadence and distance, transmitting that information to the Zwift app where runners can view an avatar of themselves taking on routes around the world. What can be a dull, reluctant session on the treadmill becomes an enjoyable group run, a structured workout, or a focussed training session.

The best running kit

Soar Lightweight Gloves

The ultimate runner gift guide: From personalized treats to marathon essentials

Every runner needs a good pair of gloves in their kit cupboard for when the temperatures drop, and they don't come much better than this offering from Soar.

Yes, they may be a bit on the pricey side, but when you're running friend is in the middle of a half marathon and the windchill is pushing zero degrees, you'll be one popular gifter. As well as featuring a soft fleecy inner to keep the hands snug, they're also breathable, which is important because having warms hands is all well and good, but not if they're sweaty.

The nicest feature of the Soar Lightweight Gloves is by far the silicon print detailing on the palms which offers an incredible level of grip, something that works very well with the touchscreen-compatible fingertips that allow phone operation without having to pull the gloves off.

Iffley Road Durham Lightweight T-Shirt

The ultimate runner Christmas gift guide: From personalized treats to marathon essentials

When it comes to mixing beautiful designs with impressive technical performance, Iffley Road has some of the best options out there today.

The Durham Lightweight T-shirt takes the established Iffley Road style and combines it with the latest S.Café Ice-Café technology – a blend of recycled fabric and coffee grounds that produces an incredibly soft and breathable experience.

As well as feeling great and looking good enough to wear even when you're not out running, the material also locks in odour, offers UV protection and helps cool down the body by dissipating heat rapidly.

Unfortunately, the Iffley range is only available for men, but, if there is a running gentleman in your life who deserves to take his running kit up a notch, this is one of the all-round nicest options available.

Tracksmith Sessions Jacket

The ultimate runner gift guide

If ever there's a brand suited to gifts, it's Boston-born running company Tracksmith. Its range of kit is some of the nicest looking you'll find across fitness and fashion-wear alike, with a selection of products that any runner would be proud to show off.

The Sessions Jacket is a perfect of example of the brand's ability to make kit that doesn't only look nicer than most people's normal clothes, but incorporates a host of technical features as well. Lightweight, insulating, mesh panels for ventilation and high stretch fabric for mobility all go to make it an incredibly tantalizing option for any runner.

On Merino Beanie

The ultimate runner gift guide

You can't go wrong with a good warm beanie but if you aim to pick one up for a runner you need to make sure it has the technical features required.

This little number from On is made from Merino wool, which not only makes it lovely and warm but also helps to regulate temperate and prevents overheating. It's also odor resistant – two words that are very popular with runners – and those that spend any time with them.

Stance Corramos Crew Socks

The ultimate runner gift guide

There was a time long ago where the mention of getting socks as a present suggested laziness on the part of the gifter. Companies like Stance have long since destroyed that notion though, pushing socks from the depth of any runner's wish list right to the top.

These Corramos Crew Socks not only have a rather eye-pleasing design but they also feature Stance's Feel 360 technology, a material that adapts and reacts to the foot for a fresh and dry experience. They're pretty much the Godiva chocolate of the sock world.

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Lightweight Glove

The ultimate runner Christmas gift guide: From personalized treats to marathon essentials

Sometimes lightweight running gloves just won't cut it, especially if you're taking part in a race and you have to wait it out at the start area. This little number from Sealskinz manages to offer significantly more protection from the elements than a traditional running glove, but is still lightweight enough to take out on a run when the temperature dips.

Sealskinz Fusion Control technology means that it's not only 100% waterproof and windproof, but has a hydrophilic membrane to release perspiration and warm air from inside the glove – which makes a big difference when you put the effort in and things start to get a bit sweatier.

Unlike many gloves that offer this much protection, it also fits snug against the fingers resulting in a good level of dexterity for when you need to press buttons on your watch.

Also good for hiking, biking and a bit of gardening – it's the gift that keeps on giving

Oofos Ooahh Slide

The ultimate runner gift guide

The idea that a pair of flip flops would help alleviate the aches and pains of a marathon may seem like nonsense but Oofos have managed to make a range of shoes that do just that.

These sliders combine impact absorption, arch support and natural motion as well as moisture and bacteria resistance. Basically, once you step into them your feet feel instantly cushioned and supported, which is what every runner needs after pounding the streets. Get these for the runner in your life and you're going to be very popular.

The best running gifts

Marathon Finisher Personalized Print

The ultimate runner gift guide

If you're you're trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone who ran a marathon over the past year, look no further. This simple medal and map combo means that not only will they have somewhere to put their favorite piece of race bling, but they'll also have an excuse to remind guests of their achievement every time one of them walks past it.

Body Glide Anti Chafe Cream

The ultimate runner gift guide

Anti-chafe cream may not be the sort of thing that springs to mind when you think about heartfelt presents but when your runner friend is 20 miles into an ultra marathon, their groin as oiled as a Christmas turkey, they'll be thinking of you.

To a runner, this Body Glide Anti Chafe Cream is the equivalent of being given a bottle of Channel. Considerably cheaper as well.

Running Medal Hanger

The ultimate runner gift guide

Us runners tend to acquire a lot of medals these days and finding a place to put them is a source of constant dilemma. This clever medal hanger not only means you've cleared a load of space out from a drawer but, like the personalized marathon print, it offers the perfect opportunity for your runner friend to show off their achievements, whether you asked about them or not.

Personalized Race Bib Coaster

The ultimate runner gift guide

What better way to be reminded of your favorite racing achievement than by looking at it every time you take a sip from your cup of tea/pint of lager? Not only is it a beautiful reminder as you relax of an evening but it's also the perfect opportunity to let guests know as well.

FlipBelt Zipper

The ultimate runner gift guide

No runner is complete without some sort of belt to carry valuables in. They may think they are, they may think holding their keys in their hand is fine – but trust us, as soon as they start using this FlipBelt life is going to change for the better.

Made from moisture wicking fabric, this almost unnoticeable piece of kit has an internal key hook, multiple pocket openings, a zipped pocket and a 3M reflective logo for safety. It's the sort of revolutionary thinking that got us on the moon.

Osprey Duro Solo Belt

The ultimate runner gift guide

If your running pal is upping their distance training or focussing on taking on the marathon next year, they're going to need to start carrying around some water with them.

This belt from Osprey is just what the doctor ordered, offering an impressively stable way to carry valuables and water without needing to lug around a backpack. It also comes with a TPU touchscreen smartphone window, a zip pull emergency whistle, reflective graphics and a quick access food stash pocket.

Running With Sherman by Christopher McDougall

The ultimate runner gift guide

Yes, that's a picture of a donkey on the front cover, but trust us when we say that this book from the Christopher McDougall – the man who wrote Born to Run and arguably spearheaded the barefoot running movement – is a great read for runners.

Following Christopher's adoption of a rescue donkey, the amazing story see him rehabilitate Sherman by teaching him to run in order to take part in the pack-burro racing World Championship Colorado. It may be an unconventional story, but often the most interesting and heartwarming ones are.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

The ultimate runner gift guide

Okay, so this book from literary master, Haruki Murakami is far from new. However, as books about running go there aren't many as beautifully written as. If you have a friend or relative who's into running or someone who is hoping to get into it in the new year, there's no better place to find some motivation. It's also not that long, so there won't be any groans of displeasure from any fair-weather readers.

Parkrun Flatband

The ultimate runner gift guide

Usually, a functional band for storing a barcode wouldn't be an ideal choice for a gift but when it comes to parkrunners there's no present more thoughtful.

This simple yet unbelievably useful gift means that your runner friend no longer has to carry around a loose barcode in their wallet as they head down to the local park. The inside of this band has a laser printed copy of thier parkrun ID, name, ICE (emergency) contact and medical details, as well as a rather fetching parkrun designed logo on the front.

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