Inov-8 finally adds super strong Graphene to the X-Talon shoe range

Expect insane stickiness, incredible grip and increased durability
Inov-8's X-Talon range has a massive upgrade

Inov-8 expands its G-series of tough and durable trail running shoes with the launch of the X-TALON G 235.

First launched in 2008, the X-TALON is the latest of inov-8's shoes to incorporate Graphene technology. The material was first isolated from graphite in 2010 winning the scientists the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010.

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That material, said to be 200 times stronger than steel, has since been used in a series of Graphene-enhanced prototypes, from sports cars to medical devices and aeroplanes.

inov-8 finally adds graphene to the Talon range

The X-TALON has been the brand’s best-selling off-road range of footwear for over a decade and will join the popular TERRAULTRA G 260, MUDCLAW G 260 and F-LITE G 290 shoes in utilizing the benefits of Graphene.

Those benefits, according to inov-8, include a level of insane stickiness, incredible grip and increased durability when tackling tough terrain and have seen the G-series range become one of the most popular for trail, fell and mountain runners around the world.

Michael Price, COO of inov-8, said: “Graphene is extracted from graphite rock, which was first mined in the fells and mountains of the English Lake District 450 years ago. inov-8 and the X-TALON were forged in the same fells, albeit much more recently.

“What we’ve been able to do is bring all this history and heritage together, turn rock into rubber, and design the ultimate X-TALON shoe with the world’s toughest grip.

“With fierce 8mm studs that will retain their length for longer, a protective and lightly cushioned midsole, plus a seamless, one-piece upper that is both flexible and durable, the X-TALON G 235 will give users unparalleled confidence to run fast over all soft ground and extreme terrain.”

The X-TALON G 235 is available now.

inov-8 finally adds graphene to the Talon range

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