New Balance releases its one-miler speed shoe – the FuelCell 5280

Designed with the help of leading short distance athletes
The shoe that'll get you a one-mile PB

New Balance has been doing exciting things over the past year when it comes to running, with perhaps the most interesting appearing in the shape of the long-awaited FuelCell 5280 shoe.

The release of the 5280 comes as no surprise. It's been one of the key focuses of the New Balance launch schedule for the past few months and the brand – as well as those that have tested it out – has been talking about the impending drop since it was announced in the first half of the year.

Why is it such an exciting shoe? Well, aside from a heap of new technological innovations it's not often we see a new high-profile release focused primarily on shorter distance running.

Where most mainstream running shoes are for those looking to hit anything from 10ks to marathons, the 5280 is unapologetically blinkered in its usage.

The shoe was developed over two years with the help of US Olympian Jenny Simpson – a country where the mile has a much wider appeal than it does in the UK. Simpson, a prominent mile-distance runner, has won the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile eight times, wearing the new 5280s as she crossed the line at the 2019 event.

The 5280, which shares some features with the FuelCell Rebel and the FuelCell Propel, is the most advanced of the FuelCell Range. In addition to a multi-directional carbon plate for propulsion and a FuelCell midsole, there's a grippy rubber outsole to improve traction at toe-off and a lightweight Hypoknit upper with a specially designed lacing system for a secure fit.

As well as combining expertise from the full range of FuelCell shoes, the shoe also utilises a wealth of knowledge from track spikes, modifying that to take short-distance speed to the pavement.

To find out more about the FuelCel 5280 click here. The shoe costs $199.99 and comes in one colourway for men and one for women at present.

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