On's new Cloudflow shoe has seen some massive technical upgrades

Lighter, softer and with an updated outsole for increased speed and energy return
On launches the new Cloudflow shoe

Three years since the first iteration of the popular Cloudflow shoe, Swiss running brand On has released a new upgraded version.

The original Cloudflow shoe had long been a staple of the On range, a shoe used by a many athletes around the world including Tim Don who broke the Ironman world record in 2017 and Margo Malone who won the Zurich Marathon in a time of 2:42:22 in 2019.

Still utilizing the original design and concept, the updated Cloudflow is the first time the brand has included its proprietary Helion Superfoam outsole, a material used across a range of its shoes that's made to give a high level of response and energy return as well as ensuring a healthy level of comfort and support.

On launches the new Cloudflow

The shoe also includes a new, more responsive Speedboard – a plate that runs throughout the whole shoe designed to give a high level of acceleration from each step – as well as an updated lacing system to ensure a secure fit.

We've had the chance to try out the Cloudflow and were impressed by how lightweight it felt during a run as well as the noticeable difference the Helion outsole made in comparison to the previous version of the shoe – something that will come as welcome news to runners who felt the previous version was far too hard.

According to Margo Malone: “The Cloudflow is lightweight. fast, and responsive; perfect for 26.2 miles of racing. When I tested the Cloudflow, I immediately had confidence the shoe would carry through a marathon. The On team developed a racing shoe with precision, style, and durability. My favorite part of the shoe is the Helion foam outsole. The foam responds well to the hard ground and gives each step the feeling of floating.”

On launches the new Cloudflow

“After two years of wear-testing and refining the Cloudflow with feedback from our elite athletes, we’ve landed on the next go-to shoe for marathon training and racing,” said On Co-Founder David Allemann,” With the addition of our new Helion Superfoam, increased stability in the heel cup, and a snappier Speedboard in the midsole, the Cloudflow is the perfect blend between comfort and performance.”

The new Cloudflow is available now. We'll be testing it out under various conditions over the coming weeks and reporting back on how it compares against the other longer distance options available.

To find out more about On and its range of products click here for our brand guide.

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