Polar's latest outdoor watch is looking like an adventurer's dream | The ​Polar Grit X

New features include fuel management and automatic hill detection
Polar just launched the Grit X outdoor watch

The newest release from Polar, the Grit X, is an outdoor watch with a focus heavily on tackling the toughest activities in the wild.

The newest addition to the brand's performance line-up looks set to offer some impressive new technology to the world of outdoor wearable tech. Those features include tools for automated nutrition and fuelling advice, a detection system for gradients and a fancy Komoot map integration.

In addition to those new features, the Grit X features a lightweight design (64g), extended battery life and US military-grade standard (MIL-STD-810G) construction.

Polar's latest outdoor watch is looking like an adventurer's dream | The Polar Grit X

That gradient tool, called Hill Splitter, automatically detects uphill and downhill segments and allows for detailed performance reporting after each session. That data can then be used to effectively adjust a training plan based on the intensity of those elements.

Fuelwise is a smart fuelling assistant that offers tailored, automatic nutrition and water refuelling reminders required to maintain proper energy and hydration – a feature that will look very exciting to endurance athletes.

In terms of battery life, the Grit X claims to deliver up to 40 hours of continuous training with all features fully activated, then up to 100 hours via multiple power save options – which puts it up there with the upper echelon of outdoor sports watches.

Polar's latest outdoor watch is looking like an adventurer's dream | The Polar Grit X

The new launch will also feature Polar Precision Prime heart rate tracking, FitSpark ready-made daily workouts that match your recovery, readiness and training history, Nightly Recharge recovery management and reporting, Training Load Pro to ensure optimum training levels of activity, Running Power measurement and Sleep Plus Stages.

“Polar created the world’s first fitness wearable over 40 years ago,” says Tomi Saario, CEO of Polar Electro. “As true pioneers, we’ve been cited by more scientific publications than anyone else in the industry – accuracy, credibility and usability are at the heart of everything we do. With Grit X, we are so proud to bring together decades of expertise and insight, resulting in the ultimate companion for fans of fitness and outdoor adventure.”

Polar Grit X is available now priced at $429.95 along with a selection of customisable accesories.

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