Aftershokz becomes Shokz and launches new OpenRun bone conduction headphones

Featuring a quick charge battery feature
Shokz launches new OpenRun headphones

Fitness tech brand Shokz has updated the popular Aeropex bone conduction headphones by renaming them to OpenRun and adding in a new quick charging feature.

The brand, which previously went by the name Aftershokz, has long been one of the leading names associated with bone conduction – a technology that generates mini vibrations that travel through the cheekbones of the wearer, instead of directly in the ear.

Bone conduction headphones allow runners to hear music or podcasts without blocking external sounds. This means they offer increased safety when running on roads and as a result are approved for use in major running events and races under the UK Athletics Rules of Competition. They're also the only brand of bone conduction sports headphones recommended by England Athletics.

Man wearing Shokz OpenRun bone conduction headphones

The new OpenRun model from Shokz sees minimal updates from the previous Aeropex, with the headline feature being the addition of quick charging. This update means that the headset can now receive 1.5 hours of battery from a 10-minute charge – perfect for those runners that struggle to plan their battery charging in advance.

Other features of the OpenRun include Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, an 8-hour battery life, IP67 waterproofing and a lightweight 26g flexible titanium frame.

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