Vivobarefoot launches a sustainable vegan running shoe

Designed with more than 30% renewable plant-based materials
Vivobarefoot's new vegan running shoe

Sustainability, as you may have noticed, is a big deal these days, with many manufacturers across the fitness industry embracing change for the greater good. This month Vivobarefoot, a brand that already has a strong ethos for sustainability, launch their vegan running shoe, the Primus Lite II Bio.

Using more than 30% renewable plant-based materials, the aptly green-coloured shoe is their biggest sustainability move to date. What are those materials? Well, the main ones are a Bio TPU made from yellow dent field corn and a special harvested algae called 'Bloom'.

Vivobarefoot launch their sustainable vegan running shoe

It's not all about sustainability though, with development focusing heavily on the performance aspects as well. The new design uses multi-ply materials for optimum lightweight breathability and comfort – making the shoes weigh on average 10% less than your typical running shoe. They also have puncture resistant outsoles, a 3mm performance insole and are produced using animal-free products and processes. So they tick boxes for vegans and runners alike.

The Primus Lite II Bio is available now from Vivobarefoot priced at $160. Vivobarefoot's goal is to move towards 100% bio-based materials in a future version of the range. The design is only available in one shade at present though, so if green isn't your colour you won't be in luck.

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