Columbia's new walking boot range is aiming for fashion and function

For the urban hiker that wants to be noticed
Stand out with Columbia's new range

Columbia has unveiled a new line of men’s hybrid shoes aimed towards the fashion end of the outdoor space.

The three options, all focused on the casual walker, include a low-slung Mid version, an adaptable Boot and a more classic-looking Hiker version.

The most eye-grabbing is the Outdry Mid Shoe, a hiking sneaker designed to blend reliable waterproofing with a relaxed fit and grip for city walking and trails.

The colourways available showcase the direction Columbia’s taking these shoes in, focusing on trainer-like design, with the teal and purple combination particularly fetching.

SH/FT is the name Columbia’s given to its new proprietary cushioning, which has beads embedded in foam in the sole to give you a smooth ride as you walk, and apparently should give the shoes a decent shelf life, too. You’ll find it in all the versions of the SH/FT line, naturally.

That’s combined with an OutDry construction for the outer shell that leaves the shoe entirely waterproof, while overlays around the collar of the inner should keep that protected from moisture too.

The full line:

SH/FT OutDry Mid

Buy now: Columbia (UK) / Columbia (US) | $130

Columbia Shoes

The hardy sneaker could be perfect for city walking, or routes that take you from light trails to tarmac and back.

SH/FT OutDry Boot

Buy now: Columbia (UK) | £145

Columbia Shoes

This slightly chunkier boot will be a warmer fit, with thermal lining helping to keep the cold out when you’re walking. Its sole is very similar to the Mid’s, but it’s a sturdier option if you’re looking for more ankle support.

SH/FT Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Buy now: Columbia (UK) | £145

Columbia Shoes

With a completely leather construction, this is more a purist’s look, although it’s still a casual shoe in terms of actual use. Again, you’ve got SH/FT cushioning, and some metal framing for rigidity, while the look is obviously more classical.

Who is the SH/FT range for?

Columbia says that the range is aimed at casual walkers who want footwear they can rely on in their urban environments.

“We see a movement taking place as more young people are looking to nature and the outdoors to find balance and recharge from their busy lives in the city,” said Peter Ruppe, Columbia’s Vice President of Footwear, to this end. “To answer that call, we’ve created an entirely new collection of footwear that speaks to their sense of urban style while delivering trail-worthy performance for the outdoors.”

All those versions sport non-marking rubber soles, in case you’re worried about that sort of thing.

The SH/FT OutDry Mid is currently available in the UK online ( and in-store at Columbia Carnaby Street as well as the US – however the SH/FT OutDry Boot and SH/FT Waterproof Hiking Shoe are only available on general release in the UK.

The US will see a limited series release from 4 October. You can sign up for updates at

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