Oakley’s new Clifden sunglasses are the ultimate in mountain cool

All the function you need on the mountain with the looks you need all the time
Oakley's cool new mountain shades

Oakley has launched a new pair of mountaineering sunglasses, the Clifden, with a design that emphasises their rugged build.

With large, round lenses, and the option of matte or reflective finishes, the glasses have a clean, modern look to them, even when fully kitted out with accessories.

They come with a removable 20-inch woven steel leash to help them stay with you as you explore, ski or whatever takes your fancy. Or, of course, if you just prefer that glasses-and-chain look.

Oakley’s new Clifden sunglasses are a stylish option for mountain heights

Those lenses are Prizms, Oakley’s in-house tech, and will offer good UV protection, according to Oakley, which is a must for this sort of sunglasses. They’re also available with prescriptions, via Oakley’s Authentic Prescription system.

When purchasing, customers will be able to pick between a range of different lens finishes, some optimised for snow, and others for water sports, to make sure that the glasses are perfect for whatever situation they’re needed for.

Getting granular, the Clifden also packs in no-slip nose-pads with what Oakley’s calling Unobtanium materials, though we’re pretty sure it’s nicked that name from Avatar. Still, if it helps them stay glued to your face, the company can call it what it wants.

Oakley’s new Clifden sunglasses are a stylish option for mountain heights

For really heavy-duty use, you’ll also have the option of using interchangeable side shields and a bridge blocker, to keep glare out and maximise visibility.

You can pick up a pair of Clifden sunglasses from Oakley’s website now, priced from $226.

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