Monday Wanderlust: Trek undiscovered hiking trails in the Pindus mountains

Adventure through deep gorges, crystal clear mountain waters and the famous towers of Astraka
The secrets of the Pindus mountains

When it comes to hiking holidays, people tend to think of the Alps or the Dolomites as the go-to destinations in Europe.

But the beautiful Pindus mountain range in northern Greece is somewhere far less well known…

Why go:

While Greek holidays may evoke images of salads on the beach, at 2,637m Mount Smolikas offers a very different type of break. The Pindus mountain range is criss-crossed with hiking trails that pass hidden-away landmarks like the Gorge of Vikos – the deepest gorge in the world, and possibly the most Instagrammable.

That's not to mention the Towers of Astraka and the crystal clear waters of the Voidomatis River.

In the day you can strap on your hiking boots and enjoy anything from 45-minute long walks through brook valleys to eight-hour long hikes up the mountains to the alpine lakes. There are shady evergreen forests, calming meadows, canyons and ridges, old traditional intravillage paths and even rare, indigenous flora.

Where to fly into:

To get there you'll need fly into Thessaloniki airport. From there it's a three-hour drive to Zagori.

Where to stay:

Trek undiscovered hiking trails in Greece

Sound like your kind of thing? We thought so. Situated within a national park teeming with wildlife, the Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas in west Zagori is perfectly situated to explore the region. It's currently offering a trekking adventure tour package for £609 for 3 nights/4 days which includes local transfers and meals as well as guided walks and a range of activities.

Then, once your legs have nothing left, head back to the boutique spa and enjoy a personalised massage before sitting down for some regional cuisine.

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