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Time to grab some mates and give these killer workouts a go
Try these Battle Cancer workouts

Battle Cancer is one of the world's fastest-growing functional fitness events, praised not only for its charitable focus but also due to its accessibility for people of all levels of ability and fitness.

The event series runs across multiple international locations, with many more being added all the time. Those venues include London, Boston, Berlin, San Diego and Dublin, amongst others.

During the event, teams of four take on four 9-minute functional fitness workouts. Each covers a range of disciplines, from high-intensity cardio to functional fitness and strength movements.

But there's much more than sweat-inducing exercises. Expect the adult equivalent of a sports day with fancy dress, homemade signs, cheering judges, glitter beards and even a dance floor with live DJs. Apparently, the team may even throw something a bit more fun, like a sack race, so be prepared.

We spoke to Scott Britton from the team over at Battle Cancer to get the lowdown on the workouts so you can test your skills out against each of the challenges.

The workouts

Each of the Battle Cancer workouts is designed to require minimal technical skills so that they can be carried out by athletes of all levels. That doesn't mean they're easy though – expect each section to push you and your teammates to the limit.

All exercises requiring movement from one point to another cover a distance of 10m.

Workout 1

Battle for cancer

Round time: The first round sees teams given eight minutes to complete as much of the workout as possible.

Part 1: In pairs, 10 rounds of sandbag runs (30kg). Complete one length, then perform 20 jumps over the sandbag before running back.

Part 2: Once all 10 rounds are complete, throw the 30kg sandbag up and back down the lane as a team for as many lengths as possible until the eight minutes are up.

Team Tip: Team communication is key – keep that bag moving!

Workout 2

Battle for cancer

Round time: Each team has 10 minutes to complete the following as a team total.

Part 1: Complete 50 shuttle sprints relaying between the team.

Part 2: 100 burpees down and over the sandbag.

Part 3: 50 sandbag tosses over the shoulder.

Part 4: Once completed the team must then complete as many synchronised squats in the time remaining, with two athletes holding the sandbag off the ground the whole time.

Team Tip: It’s all about those 100 burpees – find a method to get through them ASAP!

Workout 3

Battle for cancer

Round time: As quickly as possible.

Part 1: A relay of 15 calories for the males and 10 for the females on the rowers.

Part 2: A 10-metre Lunge Length with a Dumbbell.

There is one twist with the challenge. One athlete is allowed to start as soon as the previous has finished the rowing, however, you can’t overtake a team member. So, what order you go in is a massive factor in success.

Team Tip: Start with your fastest athlete so you don’t build up a queue.

Workout 4

Round time: 10 minutes.

  • 50 synchronised plate thrusters between two athletes
  • 10 dumbbell snatches – one athlete
  • 40 synchronised plate thrusters between two athletes
  • 10 dumbbell snatches – one athlete
  • 30 synchronised plate thrusters between two athletes
  • 10 dumbbell snatches – one athlete
  • 20 synchronised plate thrusters between two athletes
  • 10 dumbbell snatches – one athlete
  • 10 synchronised plate thrusters between two athletes
  • 10 dumbbell snatches – one athlete

Alongside the workout, the team must also row as far as possible in 10 minutes.

Team Tip: Rotate the team regularly so you keep the pace on the rower up allowing everyone else to have regular rests.

Workout 5 – Final battle

Round time: 5 minutes.

Part 1: 30 Over-Unders – this is a signature Battle Cancer move. One athlete is in a high plank hold and the other athlete crawls under them then jumps over them whilst they move into a low press up hold. Repeat 30 times.

Part 2: Carry Sprints – complete as many carry sprints (one person carrying another person) as possible in the remaining time.

Team Tip: Make sure you get through those over-unders as quickly as possible!

Battle Cancer holds events all around the world with more events being added all the time. To find out more about the Battle Cancer events in 2022 click here.

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