The best beginner gym workout for general fitness (with video guide)

Walk into the gym like you own the place
The ultimate beginner's gym workout

If you're new to the gym, pulling together a workout from the dozens of pieces of equipment dotted around the room can be a tough task.

Unless you fork out for a personal trainer, chances are you're just going to end up piecing together 45 minutes of training from the odd exercises you know. Either that or you'll just float around the few machines that never seem to be busy.

Whichever route you take the result is going to be the same – hours every week spent without any sort of goal or focus. It may be doing you some good, but probably not enough to justify the time you're taking out of your week to do it.

Getting fit

We're not going to lie, the term "fitness" is quite complex and depends largely on the specific type of goal you might have. However, if you're a complete beginner to the gym it's likely that your overall goal is to either lose weight, put on muscle/tone up or to increase general fitness.

Workout: Beginner workout for general fitness

The latter is relatively simple and means you need to train as much of the body as efficiently as possible to increase your heart rate as well as push your muscles to develop and grow.

One of the main ways to view overall fitness is your recovery rate – the time it takes your heart rate to go back to normal after exercise.

This workout from PureGym utilises exercises that incorporate as many muscles as possible. Those exercises are known as compound movements and not only mean that you're training more muscles, but that you're making your heart work harder. Train the heart and you'll improve that recovery rate. Simple.

The workout

If you're not sure how to do any of these exercises, take a look at the video below. If ever you're unsure of a movement make sure you ask a gym instructor or a personal trainer. Always start with light or no weights to begin with to learn the movements effectively.

Group 1

  • Landmine Squat Press – 12 Reps

3 rounds. 90 seconds rest between each.

Group 2

  • Kettlebell Clean & Press – 8 Reps
  • Prowler Push – 20 metres

3 rounds. 90 seconds rest between each. No rest between exercises.

Group 3

  • TRX Inverted Row - 12 Reps
  • Medicine Ball Squat – 12 Reps

3 rounds. 90 seconds rest between each. No rest between exercises.

Group 4

  • Assault Bike – 30 seconds
  • Ski Erg – 30 seconds
  • Side Climbers – 30 seconds

3 rounds. 90 seconds rest between each. No rest between exercises.

Tip: Remember to give your body enough time to rest and recover between workouts so you can go into each workout feeling fresh and ready to smash your workouts. Training more may sound like a good idea, but if you're not recovering between sessions effectively, you're wasting a big chunk of your effort.

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