Gymshark launches new conditioning workout app

Detailed workout plans and demonstrations from some of the brand's top athletes
Gymshark launches new workout app

Fitness apparel brand Gymshark has launched a training app focused on providing detailed conditioning workouts for its audience.

Available from Tuesday 27 August, the GymShark Conditioning App will offer workout tracking, training tips and fitness plans from its roster of top athletes. Amongst those will be some of the biggest names, including Steve Cook and Whitney Simmons.

The service will allow users to follow set plans created by athletes or offer the ability to create custom plans based on their own personal preferences and fitness goals.

Focusing on personal best achievements, the app will track a wide range of workout goals, whether that's to develop strength and muscle growth or to improve balance and agility.

Gymshark launches new workout app

For premium members, two new athletes will be adding workout programmes to the app each month, meaning it'll be constantly updated to ensure fresh content and variety for people using the service, with exclusive training tips and exercise tutorials covering each plan.

Gymshark Founder Ben Francis says, "Gymshark has always been a mindset and community first, and now millions of people across the world will have the opportunity to track their training with the help of the expert Gymshark athletes.

"I’m really excited to expand the Gymshark brand beyond clothing and accessories, into software. Our vision is to unite the fitness conditioning community, and software will allow us to do that in a way previously impossible for us.

"We’re going to continue to expand the Gymshark brand in unconventional ways, that always put the user first.”

The app is currently only available for iOS users, although plans to release the Android version are set for early 2020.

The app is free to download with the premium version costing $4.99 per month.

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