The Checklist: Team GB skier Rowan Cheshire takes us through her kit bag

And Rowan tips the one piece of kit she'd never leave home without
Team GB skier Rowan Cheshire's kit secrets

In our Checklist series of interviews we feature amazing people doing inspirational things in the world of fitness and the outdoors. This week we speak to professional freestyle skier, Rowan Cheshire, an athlete who has competed in both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics as well as holding a gold medal at the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup.

Now Rowan has turned her attention to the fitness side of her career, using what she learned as a top-level athlete to help others train to be fitter and stronger.

What was the last thing you trained for?

The last thing I trained for was the Ski World Cups last season and the last big event I trained for was last year’s Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

What kind of schedule/program do you follow? What are your training goals?

The training program that I follow at the moment is predominantly legs. I train five days a week in the gym and three of those sessions are lower body, the other two are cardio/core and an upper body session.

My training goals are to feel strong both physically and mentally, and also to just feel good about myself.

How do you evaluate your performance of a training session? What does a successful one look like?

A successful session to me is when I know I’ve put as much effort into it as I can and that I enjoyed it.

What’s next? What events/challenges/projects are you looking forward to/training for now?

I am still injured so taking a backseat with skiing at the moment.

I am really passionate about fitness and my goals are to increase my knowledge and to grow as a PT. To train people in person as well as online is another step I want to take as I feel I will learn a lot and it’ll be more rewarding.

Also taking up another sport, as a hobby, is on my list of things to do so I can keep training for something.

What do you feel about the current state of the fitness industry?

There is a lot of information flying around, saying what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It’s hard for people to decipher what they should do to reach their individual goals.

I think some people are on social media and giving out information that's B.S. and doing it for the wrong reasons.

Saying that, there are some really good, helpful and honest accounts/influencers out there. My faves would be @samsays_pt , @fashionfitnessfoodie and @jamessmithpt.

Training Kit

What are the key items in your kit bag?

Rowan Cheshire

A B_NDA resistance band in every leg workout, mainly for a warm up and glute activation exercises.

Equa water bottle - it flashes when you need to drink more and tracks the amount of water you’re drinking through an app.

Hand straps when deadlifting or lunge variations when the weight is too heavy for me to keep my grip.

A B_ND Bar Pad which I use this for hip thrusts. Most gyms have them but always handy having your own.

What trainers do you use?

Rowan Cheshire

I mix between the Adidas Originals Deerup runner trainers and the Adidas NMD_R1 shoe (above). I like these trainers because they’re super comfortable and also look good.

Adidas Originals Deerup – $100 Adidas UK | Adidas US

Adidas NMD_R1 – $130 Adidas UK | Adidas US

What apparel do you use?

All my gym wear is SuperDry. I'm an ambassador for the brand and I really think their gym wear is up with the best, both on quality and design.

What one item of your gear would you implore someone else to use?

I’d implore anyone to invest in an exercise band or two - they’re really useful pieces of kit and great for traveling and home workouts.

Where’s the best place you ever trained or competed?

The best place I’ve competed what the Olympic games in Korea. The atmosphere was amazing as was getting to hang out with other athletes from a variety of different disciplines and countries. It was great experiencing the county and their culture too.

What’s the exercise you hate doing the most?

I hate running and really any kind of cardio in the gym (but mainly running). I think I just suck at it!

Quickfire Questions

What’s your ultimate workout song?

How many push-ups can you do in one go?


If you could compete/train anywhere in the world where would it be?


Who’s your fitness/sporting hero?

Billie Jean King and Sarah Burke

Is there any sport you’re really bad at?

Table tennis

What’s your favorite post-competition/challenge meal?

Pizza or a massive bowl of some sort of pasta dish.

To find out more about Rowan's training plans head to her website.

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