The Under Armour Turf Games workout that finds 'the fittest people in London'

A four-part workout covering everything from running and rowing to 3 rep max deadlifts
This workout finds London's fittest people

On 14 September London saw the second annual 'Fittest in the City' event, hosted by the team that pull together the justifiably impressive fitness competition, the Under Armour Turf Games.

Unlike the Turf Games, an event that sees teams of athletes and amateurs compete against each other across a range of functional fitness disciplines, the Fittest in the City is a competition focused on individual workouts.

Taking place in the brand new CrossFit Putney training space, the 2019 competition saw 24 male and 24 female athletes - each selected on their performance at Under Armour Turf Games events - battle it out for a podium spot.

Those 48 athletes, many of whom work as personal trainers for gyms including WIT, WE11, Reach Fitness, F45 and Third Space, tackled a series of workouts masterminded by head judge Lee Phillips throughout the Saturday.

The Turf Games Fittest in the City competition crowns the fittest people in London

The workouts

The workout was not for the faint-hearted, broken down into four separate sections, the scores of each tallied up to find the overall winners:

Workout 1 - Run/Row:

Run 2km/1.5km (12min cap) | Row 2km/1.5km (12min cap) - Score for time

Workout 2 - Bodyweight Blow Out:

Max reps bodyweight squat (2min) | 2-4min rest) | 3 rep max pull deadlift (6 mins) - Max reps + highest 3rm weight

Workout 3 - Three is the Magic Number:

30 Wallballs (9/6kg) | 20 alternate dumbbell snatch (20kg/15kg) | 10 DB box step overs (24kg/20kg) - 3 rounds for time

Workout 4 -The Ladder:

D Ball to shoulder 10-8-6-4-2 (60kg/40kg) | D Ball facing burpees over ball for time - For time (10min time cap)

The Turf Games Fittest in the City competition crowns the fittest people in London


From a ridiculously impressive field of competitors, cheered on by hundreds of spectators, Michael Smith and Ruth Hitchen emerged victorious as the men’s and women’s champions. Think you could beat them? Here are the final scores from both: (Click here for a full list of athletes and their results over the four workouts)

Athlete RunRowSquat3RMMagicDballTotal Points
Michael Smith 06:31 06:44 40 reps 211kg 07:14 04:53 33
Ruth Hitchen 05:46 05:32 30reps 136kg 06:38 05:41 20

The Turf Games Fittest in the City competition crowns the fittest people in London

All event athletes wore the latest kit from the Under Armour RUSH range and the new UA TriBase Reign training shoe. For more info on the Rush training kit click here.

Interested in taking part in a future Turf Games event? Head over to the website for information on the winter competition coming in February along with other training meet-ups over the next few months.

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