The CrossFit Games: Where and how to watch the 2019 event

This year has seen a number of changes to the CrossFit Games, including where it will be broadcast
Where to watch the CrossFit games

The 2019 CrossFit games is set to be the biggest yet, but aside from the rules and formatting changing significantly for this year's event, CrossFit made a big announcement covering how people can watch it.

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The news surrounding the new broadcasting rules will see the CrossFit games accessible through an expansive network of amateur and professional partners. According to CrossFit: "a professional feed will be produced with open-source options for broadcast partners and fans to enjoy and call the action."

Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games, said of the decision: "Fans will be able to watch the competition live and in more languages than ever before. This is a more organic approach to distributing content, in which we’re inviting individuals and outlets from around the world to create the Games viewing experience that they would want for themselves.

"Over 30 outlets will receive an open-source feed to freely distribute the program on any platform or channel they choose. The unprecedented move allows traditional broadcasters, niche media sites, and ordinary fans from around the world full creative license to produce bespoke shows for specific audiences, regardless of size or language."

The CrossFit Games: Where and how to watch the 2019 event
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What does that mean for global viewers hoping to watch the four-day event from the comfort of their own homes? Well, the main thing is the ability to offer a range of options, each outlet delivering the feed based on the preferences of each audience - and that includes independent commentary from those broadcasters.

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The CrossFit Games officially start with the opening ceremony at 9am central time (3pm GMT). The full list of viewing sources can be found here. Choose your favourite or flick between them throughout the long weekend as we all wait and see what Herculean tasks CrossFit has in store for the athletes.

In 2019 the CrossFit Games are being held at Madison, Wisconsin.

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