Step into the gym wearing the Rock's new training shoes

Channel Dwayne Johnson with the latest training shoe from the Project Rock collection
The Rock's new training shoe

When Under Armour decided to work with Dwayne Johnson in developing its training products, it knew what it was doing. People trust Johnson. Not only because they know that he works hard in the gym, but because when he puts his name to something he wants it to be the best. And if it isn't, well, we wouldn't want to be part of the design team when he turns up at the monthly board meeting.

The PR2 training shoe from Under Armour is the second release from the Project Rock collection. The first, the PR1, received positive reviews from gym-goers and Rock fans alike when it was released over a year ago. The anticipation for the shoe was so high in fact that the release sold out in 30-minutes.

Unlike the PR1, the latest shoe incorporates Under Armour's HOVR technology, a cushioning like the adidas Boost or Nike ZoomX that's been used across a vast amount of the Under Armour athletic footwear range over the previous six months.

In addition, the toe box of this shoe is made with Under Armour’s TriBase technology, a system designed to bend and move when you work out, while the midfoot TPU and external heel chassis are made to offer support and lock the foot in.

From a design point of view the shoe, like it's namesake, are hard not to notice. Aside from the bold blood orange colouring, details include the Rock's signature Brahma Bull on the heel, an imprint of the famous 'Blood. Sweat. Respect' mantra, and a rough, sandpaper-like outer layer that adds anti-slip support and stability.

Step into the gym wearing the Rock's new training shoes

According to Johnson, “The PR2 is completely unique – the first ever HOVR training shoe to be created, made to make you feel stronger than ever before so you can push through whatever obstacles life throws at you. This is not your average training shoe.”

The PR2 is available now costing $140.

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