Monday Wanderlust: Mix full-on fitness with scenic relaxation at this Phuket beach resort

A fitness detox that covers everything from ocean floor walks to beach-side strength training
Train at a leading Phuket resort

Spending time on fitness and wellbeing isn't always easy when you're at the office most of the week. However, if you're really looking to invest some time into focussing on it without any distractions, then Phuket is an island that should be on the list.

As famous for its blue lagoons and jaw-dropping sunsets as it is for Muay Thai boxers, Phuket is a place that offers a range of opportunities for any traveller that decides to visit.

The sandy beaches with clear blue waters and giant sheer limestone karsts are a popular destination for anyone planning on diving, snorkeling or even wind surfing. Heading inland into the mountains, cliffs and virgin rainforest turn the trip into a hikers playground. It's also the perfect spot for anyone looking to do some exercise.

The retreat

If you want the full fitness and wellness experience then Phuket Cleanse to the south of the island has an enormous selection of activities on its daily schedule. So whether you're looking to head there for a full week of strength training sessions or just want relax with a range of different yoga styles, it's the perfect location to mix and match your fitness plans.

Other activities include heading to the water for some snorkelling and stand up paddle-boarding or staying above it with cycling, mountain hiking or learning how to do Muay Thai boxing.

Everyone who heads to the retreat also receives a personal session with a fitness coach. Here you'll discuss goals and preferences that mean the options available can be tailored to whatever it is you hope to achieve from the trip.

What does a day look like?

Waking up with the sun, an average day at Phuket Cleanse will see you heading out for a a 4km hike up Nakkerd Hill to the the Big Buddha statue. Once back, you'll enjoy a healthy breakfast before a full morning of yoga and/or a selection of fitness classes. Sit down for a short talk and some meditation and then head to the dining area to refuel.

Between lunch and the evening meal you'll be able to choose from a range of activities, from cooking classes and yoga sessions, to strength training and health and fitness workshops. Then finally, after dinner, an evening at Phuket Cleanse will normally end with a group soul healing session as you mentally prepare to do it all again the next day.

How to get there

The ease of flying into Phuket depends largely on your location. The airport does cover direct international travel from the island to many international locations, however most places will require a transfer via a larger airport.

Phuket Cleanse is located at the opposite side of the island to the airport, so you'll need to jump in a taxi (or an Uber) that takes around an hour.

How much

Prices start at £255 (or $320) per standard room per night.

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