SoulCycle launch spin studio goes live in London

The popular US spin studio is finally heading to the UK
SoulCycle Launch in London

As far as spin studios go, there aren't many as popular as the New York-born SoulCycle chain. Opening its first location on the Upper West Side in 2006, the studio has since gone on to launch 88 studios across the US and Canada.

Now for the first time the company is setting up a studio outside of those two countries, choosing London as its next home.

The brand already holds a level of fame amongst fans of spin in the UK, with many posting their excitement about the news of the summer 2019 launch across social media.

SoulCycle launches spin studio in London

The 45-minute SoulCycle workouts have seen enormous popularity due to a creative use of high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and rhythm-based choreography, with a heavy focus on community and positivity from the trainers and their choice of music in each class.

Although London already has a large and devoted spin community to tap into, there is also a great deal of competition in place from brands like BoomCycle, Psycle and Digme Fitness.

The new studio will launch in Soho with a date yet to be confirmed. All classes across the existing locations work on a pay per class model.

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