Monday Wanderlust: Head to a climate-focussed yoga retreat at India's Om Beach

Practise surrounded by hillside forests, beautiful ocean and mountain peaks
Climate-focussed yoga in India

When you're looking for a yoga retreat there are a few things to take into consideration, but finding somewhere that has a beautiful backdrop should be fairly high on the list.

Luckily India has some of the most impressive locations for anyone hoping to practise, which isn't surprising considering it was the birthplace of the discipline.

Why go:

Sat between the Sahyadri mountain range and the Arabian Sea, Gokarna is a place steeped in Indian culture, with temples, beaches and forests offering a diverse setting for tourists.

The area is famous for many things, from mountain treks and water sports to a wide selection of cafes and restaurants serving local delicacies. It's also home to the popular Om beach, a place synonymous with relaxation and spirituality.

It's probably not surprising that the area is a destination for yogis from around the world looking for a the perfect place to practise without distraction.

Where to fly into:

To get there you'll need fly into Goa airport. From there it's a four-hour drive to SwaSwara retreat.

Where to stay:

SwaSwara retreat has double rooms costing from £836 for 3 nights. It has separate dedicated spaces for asana and meditation sessions as well as a hilltop meditation and pranayama area commanding a 180-degree view of the Om Beach and ocean below.

Guests can start the day with sunrise meditation, then later enjoy a consultation with the yoga instructor before starting a day of asanas, pranayama, nidra and guided meditations.

Monday Wanderlust: Head to a climate-focussed yoga retreat at India's Om Beach

SwaSwara is also focused on ecology, community and culture offering an authentic experience that benefits the local area. Initiatives include the collection of 18 million litres of rainwater during monsoon season, a waste re-use policy creating fertiliser and biogas, an on-site farm and a dedication to supporting the local community.

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