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Everything you need to know about Get Sweat Go

What is Get Sweat Go?

From road runners looking to hit the trails and people getting involved in CrossFit or yoga for the first time to those accessing life-changing one-off challenges - Get Sweat Go is aimed at anyone considering the next part of their fitness journey.

It features comprehensive buyers guides from experts, fitness advice from personal trainers and inspiring ideas for expanding your fitness horizons, from exciting local races to conquering some of the world’s most exciting physical challenges.

The site is broken down into three sections:


Reviews, tests and expert recommendations of the best products to buy to achieve your goals - whether that’s a yoga mat, kettlebells, running trainers or hiking accessories.


Guides for an active life - covering everything from detailed workouts and marathon training plans to class reviews and honest interviews with people that motivate and inspire.


Primary and secondary wellness and fitness tourism experiences - Adventure, exploring and headspace destinations to visit around the world, from dreamy yoga retreats in Bali and the best marathons in Europe to scenic hikes on your doorstep.

Who runs this thing?

About us

The site is owned by Wareable Media Group – the people behind Wareable and The Ambient. The sites were founded by James Stables and Paul Lamkin, who are journalists with 15 years' experience.

The site was founded because of a love for fitness – but an even greater love of trying new experiences. The Wareable team took part in Race to the Stones 100km ultramarathon in 2017 and 2018. Embarking on such a challenge meant buying new gear and training in new ways – and the idea of Get Sweat Go was born.

We wanted to create a place for people who are constantly looking for the next challenge. Who love an active lifestyle.

Running the site is Tom Wheatley, a qualified PT, dedicated hiker, and runner with 11 marathons and over 300 other races under his belt.

“Leading an active lifestyle is becoming an increasingly important part of people’s lives, but the amount of conflicting information out there can make it a confusing landscape to traverse," explained Wheatley.

"With Get Sweat Go we want to give people honest and well-researched information to help make decisions about their active goals easier, whether that’s helping them to run their first 5K or guidance on the best multi-day mountain treks around the world.”

The Wareable Media Group has expanded to three publications now, with The Ambient - a smart home focused website, which launched in January 2018, along with the site that started the ball rolling - Wareable - which went live in 2014.

The Ambient was shortlisted at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2018 as the 'Best Digital Launch of the Year' and the Wareable Media Group was also nominated as a 'Publisher of the Year'.

The GSG editorial team

Tom Wheatley – Editor

Get Sweat Go's man in charge is a journalist who's worked a wide range of titles including ShortList, Red Bull, Wareable and Vitality Magazine. He's also the co-founder of the running gear YouTube channel The Run Testers.

Tom’s ethos on fitness is to just get out there and try out as many things as possible. His blog, The Allrounder, has seen him cycling across mountains, swimming through lakes, racing around the world and desperately trying to avoid injury at the CrossFit Open.

When he’s not sweating through a HIIT workout or writing about it, you can find him eating paella, watching Hitchcock films or listening to 1980s power ballads.

You can email Tom - tom@getsweatgo.com

Find him on Twitter. Or check out his profile on LinkedIn.

James Stables – Co-CEO, Wareable Media Group

A journalist since 2006 – James' experience has largely been in technology. Spending time at T3 Magazine and as a contributor to TechRadar, he’s launched and edited tech titles including web, magazine, bookazine, iPad and even written a book.

James and Paul co-founded Wareable – and later the Wareable Media Group, and they have not simply shaped three unique brands, but also the publishing and revenue model. Wareable Media Group is now a leading recommendation business, employing expert reviewers who are experts in their niches.

James is a runner who has completed 2 x marathon races, countless half marathons as well as two ultra marathons – and it was training for these races that formed the idea for Get Sweat Go.

James loves stepping up to new challenges, be it cross-country, trail and fell running or multi-day jungle treks – and that's what Get Sweat Go is about: we want to help our readers tackle their next challenge, be inspired, and get kitted out.

You can email James - james@getsweatgo.com

Find him on Twitter. Or check out his profile on LinkedIn.

Paul Lamkin – Co-CEO, Wareable Media Group

Before launching Wareable with James back in 2014 Paul had a decade of consumer lifestyle experience writing for the likes of Pocket-lint, Tech Digest, T3, TechRadar and MSN.

Wareable grew to be the biggest site in the world in its genre and The Ambient, launched in 2018, is well on the way for the smart home industry too.

Paul is a keen runner, with a barrage of half marathons under his belt and one ridiculously long ultra marathon too (never again). A keen traveller, Paul is a PADI advanced diver who has logged hundreds of dives all over the world. He's excited about GSG launching its snow sports section soon as he's also a (pretty average) skier as well.

You can email Paul - paul@the-ambient.com

Find him on Twitter. Or check out his profile on LinkedIn.

Our contributors

As well as our in-house editorial team we use a network of experts including:

Georgia Scarr

Lee Bell

Jane McGuire

Ellie Ross

Nick Harris-Fry

Howard Calvert

Kieran Alger

Sian Lewis

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