Editorial Promise

Our editorial promise - how we review, how we test, our journalistic standards and our mission statement.

Our editorial values

We strive for editorial that breathes interest and excitement into our site, written by experts who have been on the same journey as our readers. We want Get Sweat Go readers to trust the products we recommend, go to the places we love and feel part of a community of like-minded people.

We strive to be

Honest - We only say something is worth buying if we believe it is. If it isn’t we say why

Detailed - We explain why we like it and what makes it good

Unbiased - We write for our readers and not for a brand

Knowledgeable - We hire experts to test gear carefully and research experiences thoroughly. All of our fitness guides come from trained PTs.

Our mission statement

We want to be the best site dedicated to helping people live an active and adventurous lifestyle. We love testing kit, trying out new workouts and traveling, whether that be close to home or thousands of miles around the world.

We want to help people hit their goals, whether that journey is a half marathon, getting stronger or climbing an 8000m mountain.

Get Sweat Go, as part of the Wareable Media Group, is unbiased, trusted, and respected. Founded in 2014, we are an independent publisher and we have reviewed thousands of products, from a huge array of different brands.

We test stuff in thoroughly; we don't deliver a quick verdict, we live with kit and products to see just how effective they are.

How do we make money?

Doing this costs money – and if you don’t pay properly you won’t get expertise, and you’ll find influencers in the pocket of brands.

We make money from advertising – which you’ll see on the page as you browse. If you use an ad-blocker please whitelist us.

We also use affiliate programs to add value to our reviews, so if you take one of our recommendations we might receive a small commission. We’re members of the Amazon Associates program, but also other services. We also strive to find you the best deal on key items – and you’ll see us flag those from time to time.

We write deals stories from offers that have been hand-picked by our editors because they represent a good purchase option for our readers. We may receive a commission if you click a link to a retailer and make a purchase. Every single recommendation comes from our editorial team and remains completely separate to commercial decisions.

Verification and fact-checking

Wareable Media Group is committed to publishing honest, accurate information. We welcome feedback from our readers, via comments or email and we agree and aim to closely follow with the Editors' Code of Practice.