The new inov-8 Trailroc G 280 is built for hard-packed trails

A lightweight shoe that protects and gives a kick of spring-back energy with every stride
inov-8's new heavy duty trail shoe

Inov-8 has released a new product in its hugely popular Graphene-Grip range of shoes, the TRAILROC G 280.

Graphene, which is claimed to be 200 times stronger than steel, first hit the inov-8 shelves in the summer of 2018 and has since become a staple part of the brand's hiking, fitness and running products.

Produced from graphite, graphene is made via a process which won the founding scientists a Nobel prize in 2010 and has since seen the technology used in sports cars, medical devices, aeroplanes and now sports footwear.

Combing graphene with the rubber-infused outsole produces tough grip along with a high level of strength and durability.

The new TRAILROC G 280

In the TRAILROC G 280, that outsole includes specially shaped 4mm studs to pierce through the top-layer debris and loose rocks found on trails.

As well as a Graphene-Grip outsole that was developed in collaboration with scientists at the University of Manchester, the TRAILROC G 280 is designed to be the company's most cushioned underfoot ride to date, combined with a new flexible rock plate that both protects and gives a kick of spring-back energy with every stride.

Luckily the technology doesn't affect the weight of the shoe, coming in at just 280g.

The new inov-8 Trailroc G 280 is built for hard-packed trails

Worn by Hallvard Schjolberg when winning the 85km Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun earlier in 2019, the new TRAILROC G 280 is built for off-road runners tackling long distances on hard-packed trails.

According to inov-8 COO Michael Price: “Graphene is the future, mark my words. It has limitless potential and we feel proud to be leading the way in a sports footwear revolution.

“By utilising graphene we have solved a long-standing problem for end users who had to choose between a softer rubber outsole that grips in all conditions and a harder rubber outsole that is more durable. Now they can get it all in one rubber outsole boasting the ‘world’s toughest grip'."

He added: “Sales of our graphene-enhanced products have been incredibly strong and by 2020 they will account for more than half of all inov-8 footwear sales.

“The TRAILROC G 280 is our latest highly-anticipated addition and we won’t be stopping there. We have a number of very exciting graphene innovations in the pipeline.”

The TRAILROC G280 is priced at $150 and comes in just one colourway for men and one for women at the moment.

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