The Ultrahuman Ring is the latest metabolism-tracking device for your finger

It uses intelligent recommendations based on movement, sleep and energy dynamics
Track metabolism with the Ultrahuman Ring

The Ultrahuman Ring is a new wearable device used alongside the brand's metabolic fitness platform designed to help people improve energy levels, lose fat and avoid metabolic disorders.

The product is the latest to be added to Ultahuman's suite of biomarkers to give users real-time metabolic data that measures movement, sleep and the body’s energy dynamics. That data is used to deliver intelligent activity and recommendations to allow people to make decisions about how to improve health.

The information stored by the Ultrahuman ring is used in conjunction with the partner app to deliver insights around understanding your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), sleep efficiency, and its effect on glucose metabolism and food’s impact on recovery and performance.


Despite its focus on aesthetics, the ring is built for active lifestyles. The outer surface is made of a titanium body coated with tungsten carbide, making it scratch resistant and five times harder than tool steel.

The minimal design also includes a smooth inner shell to make it comfortable to wear whether you're in the gym or sleeping.

It's built to be used as a standalone device or can be combined with the Ultrahuman M1 glucose monitoring platform, which will allow users to get deeper insights and more precise guidance on optimizing health.

Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman said of the new launch: “We have always believed in the power of biomarkers in terms of their ability to make health optimization more efficient. With the Ultrahuman ring and a new suite of metabolic biomarkers, you can now understand not just what’s affecting your glucose metabolism but also how to act on the insights in an efficient way."

The Ultrahuman Ring will be available for pre-order globally from 7 July 2022 with the price currently TBC. Shipping will begin in August 2022.

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