The Sunday Long Run guide: The weekly fitness and outdoor guide

Ultra-runners, historical walks, London yoga shows and your next big race to book
This week's fitness and outdoor guide

Another Sunday, another Get Sweat Go guide on what's happening in the world of fitness and the outdoors - the perfect list of ideas to keep you up-to-date for the weeks ahead. So sit back, enjoy the last remnants of the summer and start making some plans.

And while we've got you, check out the best content from Get Sweat Go:

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The Source

If you hadn't heard of Courtney Dauwalter when The Source was a released a few months ago, you probably have now. That's because she won this year's UTMB on her first-ever attempt at the race, crossing the finish line with a time of 24 hours, 34 minutes and 26 seconds.

Like most films about ultra-runners, The Source gives us an insight into the mental fortitude required to be one of the world's best endurance athletes.

Over the past few years, Courtney has become a major focal point for the ultra community, not just because she wins things but because her attitude and determination to take on the various challenges is so enjoyable to watch - that and the fact she's just a really nice and down to earth person.

Find out where to watch it here (free)

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Footnotes - Peter Fiennes

Buy now: Amazon | From $8.88

The Sunday Long Run

When we heard the concept of Footnotes we were instantly desperate to get our hands on a copy of it. Peter Fiennes, a man primarily famous for his work producing various guides across the UK, documents a series of journeys previously trodden by notable figures from history.

The idea is beautifully simple but works incredibly well. From classic authors like Enid Blyton and Charles Dickens to historical figures dating back to 12th century, Peter is guided by his invisible comrades to walk the same paths. Blending the old with the new as he delves into the lives of the various writers.

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SimplyHealth Great South Run

The Great North Run may be over for another year but there's a whole heap of other Great Run races happening throughout September and October. And although they may not be as big as the Newcastle headliner, you can sure to expect the same great crowds and atmosphere. Oh yeah, it's also just 10 miles long - so it's a good option if you don't fancy the extra three miles of a half marathon.

The race takes place in and around Portsmouth, ticking of various landmarks and seaside views as it circles around the coastline. Unlike Newcastle, it's also a bit easier to get to for any southerners out there.

When: 20 October

Where: Portsmouth

Price: £42

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On Lightweight Running Cap

Buy now: On (UK) / On (US) | $39.99

The Sunday Long Run

When it comes to running accessories there aren't many items as simple as a cap. But get one that isn't quite right and you're going to know about it. We've tested dozens over the years and only found a few that tick all of the boxes.

Our most recent find is this cranium-treat from On. An incredibly light piece of kit that features laser-cut ventilation around the sides to keep your head cool. Unlike a lot of running hats out there - the ones that make you look like you're going to school in the 1890s - the On cap looks and fits like a fashion cap, so you can wear it out an about.

The soft fabric is also designed to be protective against the rain as well as quick-drying. It may be a big investment for a hat but the durable, tear-proof design should mean it'll be in your cupboard for years to come.

Om Yoga Show London

If you're into your yoga the London edition of the hugely popular Om Yoga Show is an essential weekend to put into your calendar. With tickets costing from just £12 for a full day, it's probably the most cost-effective way to see what's going on in the world of yoga.

Not only can you try out dozens of free yoga workshops including 'Vinyasa Flow and Restore', 'Myga Yoga Balance Board' and 'Healing Flow, to Deep Relaxation', but you'll be able to view products and services from over 200 exhibitors. That covers everything from the latest yoga accessories, clothing, jewellery, super food, retreats and much more.

If that's not enough there will also be a number of workshops and lectures from some of yoga's most influential people - although you will have to pay extra for some of those.

Where: Alexandra Palace

When: 18 - 20 October 2019

Find out more here

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All About Fitness Podcast

The Sunday Long Run

If you're not interested in the scientific concepts behind fitness - look away now. All About Fitness is a podcast created by and designed for people that live and breath the world of fitness. Instead of giving a glossy and simple overview, each episode delves deeply into the granular aspects of training.

That granularity and detail sees host Pete Mitchell speak to people from across the fitness industry, from personal trainers and scientists to athletes and sportspeople as he covers everything from strength training exercises to genetics around fitness.

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