The best reflective running gear for winter 2023 | Stay Safe With Our Essential Picks

Don't let the dark nights get in the way of training
The best reflective running kit 2023

The winter months may be a Marmite time for runners, but whether you love or hate the cooler temperatures, the darker evenings mean that all of us need to get our safety game on point. That's why decking yourself out with the best reflective running kit is essential.

Reflective running gear comes in many shapes and sizes, and most winter running clothing will include some form of reflective detailing as part of the design. Take head, though, subtle reflective logos are the bare minimum when it comes to safety at night and will have little to zero benefit if your arm is in the way when a car appears around the corner.

Look for brands and products that focus on safety, even if it isn't the most stylish kit on the market – nobody will see your fashionable new jacket in the dark anyway.

Most reflective running clothing will do more than just provide safety benefits, so you don't have to buy multiple items for running in the day or at night. If, however, you don't want all your kit to be silver or neon green, there are plenty of accessories that you can get that can be used to adorn your existing clothes.

Here we run through some of the top reflective items to keep you visible until the winter months are a distant memory.

On Weather Jacket Lumos

Buy now: On Running (UK) | £210

The Best Reflective Running Gear for the Winter | Stay Safe With Our Essential Picks

Most reflective gear tends to veer away from the more subtle side of design. The only problem with that is that it can often mean it doesn't tend to look quite so nice during daylight hours. The Weather Jacket Lumos solves that with clever technology which means it only really "goes nuclear" in the dark.

Aside from the surprising level of reflectiveness, the lightweight design means that it doesn't feel bulky, but doesn't skimp on protection from the elements. It's impressively breathable too, with a clever micro-ventilation system that features mesh flaps in the front and back to keep you cool.

There are also extended cuffs that you can pull over your hands for extra protection as well as a handy chest pocket that can store the jacket when you get too hot.

Fitletic Glo Reflective Safety Vest

Buy now: Fitletic (US) | $29.99

Fitletic Glo Reflective Safety Vest

Everyone should have one of these reflective vests in their running drawer. The lightweight design means that it can easily be slipped over whatever you're wearing, from a T-shirt to a thick jacket, and it provides an impressive level of reflectivity from both the front and behind.

It provides full 360 visibility at a distance of up to 600 feet and comes complete with front and back loops in case you want to attach LED lights for added safety. There's even a zipped pocket on the back for storing smaller items like keys or gels, so you don't need to wear a running belt at the same time.

We've found that the Glo Reflective Safety Vest is a great piece of kit for those long training runs when you don't know how long you're going to be out, being easily storable in a jacket pocket or a belt for when you actually need it. It can also be used for cycling, hiking or motorcycling – or pretty much any time you need to be seen in the dark.

Proviz Waterproof Running Jacket

Buy now: Proviz (UK) / Proviz (US) | $125

Proviz Waterproof Running Jacket

Few brands are associated with running safely at night as much as Proviz. The company has been producing a wide range of clothes and accessories for runners, cyclists and walkers for the past 10 years, all carefully designed for performance as well as safety. The jacket, like many other products from Proviz, is covered with a REFLECT360 reflective material, which means you can be seen from any angle at night.

The Waterproof Running Jacket is not only one of the most reflective pieces of kit you're going to find, but it also provides a good level of protection against the elements. As well as a high waterproof rating, which includes protection for waterproof side pockets, it also has an impressive level of breathability, so you don't need to worry about being drenched in sweat by the end of your session.

Proviz REFLECT360 Running Cap

Buy now: Proviz (UK) / Proviz (US) | $40

Proviz REFLECT360 Running Cap

Another great option from Proviz that also incorporates the brand's Reflect360 technology, this running cap is made from 100% reflective materials, so you can be seen from any direction.

The mesh fabric design means that there's a good level of breathability, which makes it a good option for warmer evening runs, and the adjustable design ensures that it's easy to get a nice secure fit so it doesn't fly off when there's a gust of wind.

When the weather does turn and you find yourself running through a downpour, the cap is a great piece of kit to keep your head dry and the rain out of your eyes.

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather LED Roll Cuff Beanie Hat

Buy now: Sealskinz (UK) / Sealskinz (US) | $55

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather LED Roll Cuff Beanie Hat

Okay, so it may not actually be reflective, but it's always worth having your own light source for safety when it comes to being visible in the dark. For the winter months, this beanie from SealSkinz is a powerhouse and comes with a number of features to keep you safe and warm on a cold night.

The in-built LED light allows you to toggle between three brightness settings and packs a whopping 240 hours of rechargeable battery life, so you hardly ever have to worry about juicing it up. It also offers visibility of up to 500m, which means any would-be dangers on the horizon know you're coming well in advance.

Aside from safety, it's also a great piece of kit for keeping your head warm and dry, with a three-layer construction that combines a waterproof membrane, a fleece-lined inner layer and an acrylic knit outer.

Saucony VIZIPRO Endorphin Speed 2

Buy now: SportsShoes (UK) / SportsShoes (US) | $133.99

Saucony VIZIPRO Endorphin Speed 2

The Endorphin Speed 2 is one of the most most popular running shoes released over the last year, combining a full-length nylon plate with a responsive PWRRUN PB midsole, making it one of the most versatile shoes that currently exists.

It's a shoe that can do everything, from daily training miles all the way up to race day, offering a light propulsive ride that has enough cushioning to feel great for longer sessions.

The updated VIZIPRO design takes everything we love about the Endorphin Speed 2 and adds bright colorways along with reflective details to ensure a high level of visibility at night. For us, the new designs are actually an improvement on the previous design options, so it's a win-win situation.

Ronhill Nightrunner Gloves

Buy now: Amazon (UK) / Amazon (US) | $16.99

Ronhill Nightrunner Gloves

A pair of gloves is a piece of kit that's well worth investing in. Unlike shoes or shorts, they don't tend to wear down easily, so get the right pair and you could be looking at years of use before you ever need to think about replacing them.

The Ronhill Nightrunner gloves are the creme-de-la-creme of winter running accessories, combing an impressive thermal design to keep your hands warm with highly reflective elements to keep you visible in the dark. The material is also fast-wicking and fast-drying, so when you do pick up the pace and things start to heat up, you won't end up with dripping wet hands.

Brooks Run Visible Insulated Vest

Buy now: Brooks (UK) / Brooks (US) | $150

Brooks Carbonite Vest

The Run Visible Vest is a great compromise if you want fully reflective outerwear but don't like to run in a jacket. The lack of arms not only makes it better for warmer months – meaning you can wear it over a short-sleeved T-shirt – but the added freedom means you have a greater range of movement.

The stretch material is made from a breathable fabric that protects against the weather whilst having breathable qualities when you start to sweat. It will also take the edge off the worst the weather can throw at you, whether that's the cold, the wind or even the rain.

Aside from the impressive 3M Scotchlite reflectivity design, one of our favourite features is the addition of plenty of storage. You'll find two zipped hand pockets as well as a zipped chest pocket to keep your valuables safe when you're clocking up the twilight miles.

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