Garmin has just dropped some serious solar powered tech for the outdoors

Less time charging, more time out on the trails
Garmin's latest solar powered tech

Last year Garmin dangled the exciting prospect of solar powered multisport watch when it dropped the Fenix 6X Pro Solar. Now it's taking that technology and applying it to a range of new products in the form of the Instinct, Fenix and Tactix Delta Solar editions.

It's a development that outdoor enthusiasts have been long anticipating when it comes to wearable tech, with the issue of a battery life one of the fundamental factors in choosing a device – you can have the most impressive hardware in the world, but if the charge runs out long before you've got home, it's fairly useless.

Perhaps the most exciting product to join the new range is the Instinct Solar. Since its launch in 2018 the Instinct has been one of the most well-rounded outdoor watches available, offering an incredible amount of features, an already impressive battery life and a price tag that makes it one of the best value options out there.

Garmin has just dropped some serious solar powered tech for the outdoors

The Instinct Solar claims to last 24 hours in smartwatch mode, jumping to 50 days when exposed to the requisite amount of sunlight. In power saving mode Garmin states that it has "unlimited" battery in the right conditions. Settings can also me modified in the Power Manager feature.

In addition to the power benefits, the Instinct Solar will also see an upgrade from its predecessor with the addition of a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen and Body Battery to optimise body energy reserves.

As well as coming in a range of colorways, the Instinct range will also see the launch of two specialised versions with features tailored towards specific activities. The Instinct Solar Surf Edition, which is water rated to 100m, has both tide times and a surf tracking mode, whilst the Instinct Tactical version hooks up to night vision goggles and has a Stealth mode.

The next devices in the new line up are the Fenix 6S and the Fenix 6 Pro. Both featuring Garmin's Power Glass solar charging lens, the Fenix 6S Pro Solar offers up to nine days battery life as standard and up to 10.5 days with sufficient solar exposure, while the Fenix 6 Pro Solar offers 14 days in smartwatch mode and 16 days with the right amount of sunlight.

As well as the same features that have made the flagship multisport watch so popular, the 6S Pro Solar and 6 Pro Solar will benefit from the surf activity profile, the new "Grit and Flow” mountain biking features and the indoor climb activity profile.

Finally it's the Tactix Delta Solar Edition. The fourth generation of Tactix family, Garmin's military standards-built device, will see 21 days of indoor battery life and up to 24 days with sufficient solar exposure.

Pricing starts at $399.99 for the Instinct Solar, $849.99 for Fenix 6 Series Solar Editions and $1099.99 for the Tactix Delta Solar Edition.

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