Up your outdoor skills with a range of adventure courses at Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia

Everything from paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing to becoming a mountain instructor
Time to learn some new adventure skills

Now that many people around the UK are heading back to the great outdoors, it's time to start researching the best places to enjoy some wide-open spaces. We're talking everything from hiking across mountains to trail running and kayaking – all of which you can do at Plas y Brenin in Snowdonia.

Staycations are going to be a big deal throughout the coming months, with people heading out into the far reaches of the country to take on activities and adventures. If you're new to outdoor activities it's well worth spending some time with the experts to prepare yourself.

What is it?

The National Outdoor Centre, Plas y Brenin offers a range of courses held in Snowdonia allowing people to train professionally or recreationally in outdoor activities. As well as rock climbing and abseiling, there's also a host of paddlesport options including paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing, and both guided mountain walking and mountain biking options.

Professional courses cover first aid, safety, rope work and rescue courses in real outdoor environments. As well as being REC and Rescue 3 recognised they are often co-designed by the instructors that teach them.

For those looking for a chance to experience outdoor activities under the guidance of expert instructors there are a wide range of one-day adventure courses. Each course is open to small groups of up to eight people and are designed towards the level of those taking part.

Where is it?

The centre is located in Plas y Brenin in the heart of the Snowdonia, which makes it a great option if you're planning an extended trip to the mountains, especially if you want to pick up some skills before taking on the wilderness yourself.

How much does it cost?

Professional courses, which normally run between one and three days, cost from £168. One-day adventure group trips cost from £250, depending on how many people you have in the group.

Is it Covid-19 safe?

Plas y Brenin will be making a number of changes to how it runs its courses. Details on those changes and when courses can be booked can be found on the website here.

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