New Balance FuelCell running shoe platform unleashed

New line-up of fast road running shoes incoming
New Balance launches FuelCell road shoes

Forget launching a pair of running trainers, New Balance has come out with a whole shoe platform – New Balance FuelCell – which it says will bring scientific insights to your next pair of boots.

While this might sound like a piece of connected wearable tech, there's nothing gadgety about these new boots – although New Balance is keen to point out that they're not short on innovation, with a focus on runners' biometrics added into the development.

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The range is pretty much all road shoes, with a focus on speed, plus low-profile designs and plenty of HyperKnit material to take aim at the FlyKnit and Boost crew.

The FuelCell Rebel is the first shoe to be launched under the new brand, and will also include the FuelCell 5280, FuelCell Rebel, FuelCell Propel, and FuelCell Echo.

New Balance launches FuelCell running shoe platform

The company says that FuelCell boasts the highest rebound properties of any New Balance performance foam, and was created at the company's New Balance Innovation Design Studio.

The FuelCell 5280 (£200 RRP) puts that bouncy foam in the midsole, with a directional carbon fiber plate designed to stiffen the sole for better speed.

The FuelCell Rebel (£200 RRP) puts the cushioning in the fore-foot for those tippy-toe runners, and filters down technology from the company's performance running team.

The FuelCell Propel puts the foam back into the midsole, but with an RRP of £100 – dispensing with some of the weight-shedding materials for a more affordable shoe.

And finally the FuelCell Echo (£100 RRP) has added heel support with mid-foot foam for increased energy recovery.

The first shoes – the FuelCell Rebel – are set to launch on 5 June 2019, otherwise known as Global Running Day.

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