1Rebel takes on Peloton with new at-home cycling service

How will the London-based studio compare against the global leader?
1Rebel takes on Peloton with home spin

London boutique fitness studio, 1Rebel, has announced that it has launched its own at-home spin service streaming live classes to subscribers.

The announcement follows in the wake of the enormously popular Peloton service which allows people to train at home following spin workouts from the brand's New York-based studio.

The launch is a partnership with fitness equipment giant, Technogym and will stream workouts directly from 1Rebel's Ride classes hosted at its Victoria studio in London.

1Rebel takes on Peloton with new at-home cycling service

RIDE LIVE Launched on Monday 11 November 2019, with the move marking the biggest change in 1Rebel's service since it launched in 2015.

The service will allow members to join in live-streamed classes as well as on-demand options from a library of pre-recorded Rides.

It doesn't come cheap though, with the price of the bike coming in at £2,450, although that does include weights, setup and a 24-month warranty.

In comparison, the Peloton bike will set you back £1,990 for the bike with a one year warranty. You can also pay for the 1Rebel bike in 36 monthly installments if the initial cost seems a little bit too steep.

Access to the service will also set you back £39 per month (Peloton is £39 for membership using the bike and £19.49 for access to the app alone).

To find out more about the new service from 1Rebel click here.

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