The best Yoga kit for men: The ultimate shorts, pants and tops

Because that old race t-shirt and Bermuda shorts aren't going to cut it
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You don’t have to be a yogi to know that yoga involves an enormous amount of bending and stretching. So it probably comes as no surprise to realise that wearing apparel that can flex along with your body without restriction will have massive benefits for your practice.

The other great thing about yoga clothing is that it’s not only good for use in the studio. Usually, clothes designed specifically for yoga are super stretchy and comfortable, which means they’re also suitable in the gym, when travelling, or even just chilling at home. But when it comes to choosing the right kit for class, it can be a struggle. Some men want to wear something loose and airy while others prefer form-fitting and reinforcing, then there’s the fabric type to consider, too. What’s best, the latest antimicrobial, moisture-wicking technology or something made from organic cotton?

Picking the right kit from men

Founder of yoga company Lunges in Leggings in London, Matt Feczko, certainly knows a thing or two about what to wear to class. According to Matt, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to buying clothes for a yoga class, but you should always put comfort first.

"Yoga clothes should allow you to access the movements but also make you feel good," he says. "For example, wearing leggings and a vest might be good for some people because it they will help them to feel freer in their lower and upper body, giving them greater of range of movement in comparison to wearing shorts."

He adds that the goal of the clothing should suit the needs of the person, and make them feel comfortable, happy in their movements and able to walk into a yoga studio feeling confident. With that in mind, here are our choices for the best brands and products out there for men, as well as what kind of yoga they’re best suited to.

Best all-rounders

Nike Dri-fit Yoga tee

Best yoga kit for men

Nike is not a make you’d usually associate with yoga wear, but as the discipline has become more commercialised over the past ten years or so, big name sports brands have recognised the potential of providing athletic wear for the growing yogi crowd.

The great thing about Nike's offering is not just the quality, but it suits all kinds of users. While a lot of yoga practitioners like to go as scantily clad as possible, many still like to keep it modest, and wear standard tee to move through their flow in. Here's where Nike excel. The sports firm offers a Dri-FIT Top which not only has a premium, soft feel but it dries quickly thanks to its side vents at the hem, which also let you move freely through every vinyasa.

Gymshark Element Shorts

Yoga for men: The perfect kit to keep you comfy, relaxed and dry

As any man knows, shorts can be a tricky piece of kit to buy. You can end up with a cupboard full of them but inevitably end up pulling out the same pair all the time, regardless of the activity you're doing.

The Gymshark Element Shorts are that pair. Smart enough to wear out and about in the summer, light and breathable enough to be used for a HIIT class at the gym and loose and comfortable enough to get you through an hour of vinyasa – unlike that other pair that have you quietly cursing every time they ride up like underpants during warrior pose.

As well as having a relaxed fit, without looking and feeling like pyjamas, they feature pockets, a draw string and come in a massive range of colour options.

Best for inversions

Ohmme Vajra II Vest

Yoga for men: The perfect kit to keep you comfy, relaxed and dry

While it’s hard not to be put off by the slightly intense name, one of our favourite items of clothing for a strong and sweaty yoga classes is this Vajra II Vest by Ohmme apparel.

What we like about the Vajra II is that it’s made from a strong, silk-like polyester jersey material with five percent elastane, meaning it’s stretchy and comfortable but also strong and rigid, supporting you through every move, even those the most complicated inversions spotted on the ‘gram.

According to Ohmme, the vest has also been specially designed to avoid riding up during practice or falling down when you’re doing a handstand. We've tested that out a number of times and it definitely holds up to the claim.

All-in-all, one of the best men’s vests for yoga out there. And in case you like to matchy-matchy, you should note it goes perfectly with Ohmme’s Dharma pants, which are made from the same material and are also featured in this article due to their perfect fit and suitability to yoga.

Note: Make sure you order a size up as the fit does run small.

Best for keeping sweat from you face

PrAna organic headband

Yoga for men: The perfect kit to keep you comfy, relaxed and dry

Okay, so it’s not really an essential item of clothing if you’re practising yoga but if you’re a serious sweater, then this nifty bit of kit can come in super handy. Why? Because there’s nothing more off-putting than tasting your own sweat during a forward fold.

This soft and cosy headband, made from a breathable organic cotton blend, wicks away all that hard-earned sweat from your brow and absorbs it so you can concentrate better on what you’re doing. The super stretchy material also comes in one size that should fit anyone.

Best for wearing with loose shorts

Runderwear Performance Briefs

Best yoga kit for men

If you’re wearing full length pants or loose shorts for yoga, chances are you’ll be wearing underwear, too. If that’s the case, you’d be wise to invest in some really good quality undergarments such as Runderwear. Promising a chafe-free experience no matter what you’re doing, Runderwear was originally designed for runners who found that ordinary underwear wasn’t well designed for the repetitive, rubbing movements - that same principle goes for yoga.

The undergarment material of Runderwear is ideal to wear during your vinyasa flow as it’s made using a flatlock edging and 360-degree construction. The result is a seamless pair of undies that offer comfort no matter the type of pose. The fabric is also constructed with micro-perforations, which manage airflow to improve the wearer's core temperature. This helps to wick moisture and sweat away while you're moving through your practice.

Best for grip

2XU Full-length compression tights

Best yoga kit for men

In the last few years, the American compression specialist has really proved itself to be a strong competitor in the compression market. Still, it’s not so well known for yoga-specific apparel. In fact, they don’t have any products that are aimed specifically at yogis. Like some of the other options in the list, that doesn't mean they don’t do the job in a yoga studio.

We’ve been using the firm’s compression stuff for many a yoga class and they’ve proven the best again and again, largely due to the extra grip built into the fabric that helps when sweat might usually cause issues. The durability of the material is by far one of the best that we’ve seen as well.

Unlike a lot of yoga wear, compression clothing does tend to be a bit trickier to get on and off. That’s just the price you pay for the benefits of compression. Luckily 2XU are one of the best designed for comfort though, so they won’t cause you to loose your cool before or after a session.

Best for minimal comfort

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Surge Tank

Best yoga kit for men

Okay so, admittedly, Lululemon isn’t the cheapest yoga apparel brand out there, but you get what you pay for. The fabric in this Metal Vent Tech Surge tank, for instance, is super lightweight and an absolute pleasure to feel on the skin, making it one of our favourite vests.

Lululemon says it designed this tank to be lightweight and breathable in order to keep the air flowing when you're moving between poses, and it certainly does that - it hardly even feels like you’re wearing anything. On top of this, it has a seamless construction, which minimizes chafing and makes it super comfortable to wear.

Best of all though, is thanks to some intelligent manufacturing, this vest will ensure sweat is kept to a minimum. Weaved inside is Lululemon’s Silverscent fabric, which is embedded with the firm’s X-STATIC tech. A clef er bit of functionality which is meant to stop the smell-causing bacteria from reproducing when you sweat. The Silverscent fabric bonds 99.9 percent of pure silver to the surface of every fibre, and this releases positive ions that are attracted to the bacteria's negatively charged ions during a workout, so when they are joined, the bacteria stops reproducing and kicking up a big stink. Lululemon says this will never wash out or stop working, either. Money well spent.

Best pants for a relaxed fit

Ohmme Apparel Darma pants

Best yoga kit for men

If you like to keep your legs covered, but prefer something more loose than spray-on style yoga leggings, then look no further than the Dharma pants by Ohmme, one of the few Men's-only yoga clothing brands. These lightweight and airy pants have to be one of our favourites, mainly because they just seem to fit perfectly. They’re also so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them all day.

When it comes to fit, they have a slimmer cut around the calf and taper in around the ankle, which is great for deep stretches - so you can grab your feet without extra fabric getting in the way - and they’re relaxed through the thigh, so you don’t feel restricted.

The good news for those who veer towards the sweaty side is that, thanks to the quick dry and low-level absorption tech, the Dharmas will wick sweat away as you move through your favorite yoga sequence. Well, unless it’s Bikram yoga you’re doing; they’re not miracle workers. Oh, and they’re also eco-friendly and completely vegan.

Best compression kit

UnderArmour RUSH Compression Long Sleeve tee

Best yoga kit for men

Under Rumour is perhaps better known for its hard-hitting fitness and athletic apparel, but that doesn't mean it can’t be used in yoga, too. The firm’s fresh RUSH athletic kit, which has been scientifically designed to enhance performance, is perhaps best suited to yogis who are focussed more on strength specific classes. For example if they’re performing arm balances such as pincha and want a bit more support and protection on the upper half of the body.

Another great feature in UnderArmour’s RUSH is the fabric. Designed in collaboration with technology provider Celliant, it’s been made with a mineral infused-fabric that is said to recycle the body’s energy during moments of high performance. It’s also meant to provide the same benefits to the body as an infrared sauna. Personally, we found that it doesn’t chafe and it stretched without absorbing sweat - a great investment I you’re a fan of compression gear.

Best for budget

Decathlon Domyos Seamless Yoga Tank Top

Best yoga kit for men

Decathlon sells just about everything in the sports space (at unbeatable prices, may we add), so it’s hardly surprising to see it caters for the yoga community, too. We like the Domyos Seamless Yoga Tank Top because it’s not only cheap as chips, but it’s a lovely lightweight and slim-fitting product to do all your favourite yoga moves.

It also has a seamless construction will let you forget about what you're wearing so you can stay focused on your breath. For £9.99, you can’t really go wrong, especially considering it’s actually a very aesthetically pleasing piece of kit.

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