New Year fitness classes to do at home | The best workouts to do from your front room

Start the year right with some of the world's best online fitness studios
New Year fitness classes to do at home

Long gone are the days when training at home meant picking up a copy of Jane Fonda's workout video and a suitably ridiculous outfit (although to be honest it looks like a fairly tough workout). Now you can stream sessions from gyms and trainers all over the world in an instant.

Whether you want the latest live sessions from your favourite local studio or you're looking for inspiration from top trainers across the globe, Instagram has it all, with sessions covering everything from beginner options to highly specialised workouts for specific muscle groups or sports.

To save you time trawling through the thousands of Instagram videos, we've done the hard work for you. Get your gym kit on, set up your phone or iPad and start sweating.


Gymshark app

If you're looking for some great ideas from training at home then Gymshark is well worth taking a look at. You kind find dozens of free workouts based on the type of training you want to do, the equipment you have available, the muscles you want to focus on and the time you have to do it. You can also access planned sessions from some of Gymsharks athletes as well as view videos on each exercise to make sure you're doing it right.

Price: Free

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The Foundry

We love the crew over at the Foundry and we were more than a little bit pleased when we found out that they were launching live a live training platform. If you haven't already heard of the London-based studio, expect killer workouts, amazing trainers, a great range of exercises and some aching limbs come tomorrow.

Price: £49 a year

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Sweat It

One of our favourite London studios, Sweat It has launched a series of home workouts titled "Homework". The individual sessions focus on different body parts and you can choose from live classes or have a go at one of the 300+ currently available in the library. Just follow the Instagram account to find out what sessions are running for the following week.

Price: From £7.99 a month

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Digme is one of the UK's leading boutique studio brands at the moment and offers a range of impressive classes across its various studios. The at-home series of workouts offer sessions of varying length across the week ranging from yoga to full-body HIIT. Follow on Instagram to get updates of the schedule and check out what you're missing.

Price: From £8 a month

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Orange Theory

Orange Theory's at-home series of workouts are perfect if you're after clearly explained exercises. For beginners the detail in running through the sessions is excellent and there's a clever focus on using household equipment to replicate weights you'd use in the gym.

Download: iOS | Android


Frame doesn't just do great workout sessions, it also makes them ridiculously fun. Its series of IGTV workouts are just what you need when you're stuck indoors and want to enjoy your training session. Expect retro outfits, 80s music and the kind of uplifting trainers the world needs right now.

Price: From £6

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The Body Coach

Joe Wicks became a national hero over the pandemic lockdowns for families trying to stay fit at home and you can find all of his workouts on the Body Coach YouTube channel. Why does everyone like the Wickster so much when it comes to fitness? Well, his relaxed style and the fact that he struggles with the workouts as much as we do makes the sessions enjoyably accessible. There's nothing more vindicating when giving up on the last 20 seconds of stomach crunches as looking up at the screen and finding out Joe's almost passed out.

Price: Free

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Nike Training Club

New Year fitness classes to do at home | All the workouts you can from your front room

The Nike Training app has been around for years, and for good reason. The free service has over 200 workouts and programmes to choose from created by Nike's Master Trainers. That covers everything from yoga classes and bodyweight sessions to targetted workouts dedicated to specific muscle groups. If you're new to the fitness world and don't want to fork out the big bucks on a premium service the Nike Training app is a great place to get started and build some momentum.

Price: Free

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