The Sunday Long Run: Active essentials for the week ahead

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The week's fitness films, reads and classes

Whether you're planning a day clocking up the miles for an impending race or happily sitting in the front room desperately trying to get through those last Stranger Things episodes, our weekly guide to planning your next few days of fitness (or reading about it) is here.

We've got everything from new inspirational books and films to fitness competitions and running playlists perfect for your long Sunday run.

And check out some of this week's Get Sweat Go highlights:

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Running To The Edge – Mathew Futterman

The Sunday Long Run: Fitness essentials for the week ahead

From the hills above San Diego, running coach Bob Larsen trains a bunch of high school cross country and track runners, all aiming to learn the secrets of long distance running. Running To The Edge tells the story of the often unorthodox training techniques Larsen uses to take his students to amazing breakthroughs in speed.

The book is as much about Larsen's amazing coaching journey as it is the science behind human running. Following a complex personal narrative as well as providing insights into the runners he was teaching and their phenomenal achievements, the book is as much for people looking for training tips as it is those just after a compelling true story.

Price: $12.92

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The High Sierra Trail

Filmed in 2016, this documentary covers backpacker Chris Smead and his friend John as they tackle the 72-mile hike from Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park to Whitney Portal. Brilliantly narrated by ex-national park ranger William Tweed, the film mixes the longstanding history of one of the country's most famous hiking routes with an honest and funny documenting of the journey undertaken by the two hikers.

Featuring a mix of beautiful cinematography and raw footage, the adventure covers the various difficulties and enjoyments encountered by Chris and John. Highlights include a near-miss lightning strike, unpredictable weather and the summit of the 4,400m Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states.

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Nike Metcon 5

The Sunday Long Run: Fitness essentials for the week ahead

The latest shoe on Nike's Metcon roster has added a heap of new features to the previous iteration. Developed specifically for weightlifters and those doing high-impact activities, the Metcon 5's key updates include a haptic chain link pattern to better withstand ropes, more tongue cushioning, a wider heel for stability during heavy weight activities, a hyperlift insert that gives additional offset when lifting and a dual-density drop-in midsole to help with cushioning when performing things like double-unders, box jumps and burpees.

Not only that, but it comes in four colourways – our favourite being the Jade Horizon/Imperial design – and features a more prominent Metcon logo. Just in time for the CrossFit Games. Speaking of which…

Price: $130

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The CrossFit Games

With the CrossFit Open a distant memory in the muscles of the hundreds of thousands of people that took part earlier in the year, we're just days away from the biggest event in the functional fitness calendar. What will this year's tournament hold for the athletes heading to Madison, Wisconsin? We have absolutely no idea, but then again, nobody does apart from Gregg Glassman and his team. Based on the events we've seen over the last few games, though, it's likely to be an impressive spectacle for anyone watching.

For the die-hard CrossFit fan, tickets to the event cost from $35 for an individual day across the four-day event, but you can bet that hotels and flights to Wisconsin are getting pretty booked up by now, so it's about time to plan your trip. For the rest of us, CrossFit provide a full live streaming service to comfortably watch from the sofa.

When: 1-4 August

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From the Heart Podcast – Rachel Brathen

The Sunday Long Run: Fitness essentials for the week ahead

Yoga is about much more than just a one-hour session at the local studio every couple of days. It's a lifestyle that incorporates everything from practising the movements to diet, relationships, balance and well-being. In her podcast, Rachel Brathen talks honestly and openly about her life and the various aspects of it, much of which centres around her love of yoga and the benefits surrounding it.

The podcast launched as #2 on the overall Apple Podcast charts and has had over 10 million downloads since it started in 2017. It also has occasional special guests, like Seal, Glennon Doyle and Cheryl Strayed, discussing topics such as body image, inner healing, vulnerability, finding happiness and making a change in the world.

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In the world of Instagram, online workout videos aren't exactly the most ground-breaking innovation, so it's rare that we see a brand doing something new and exciting in the space. Fiit is a company that's pushing the boundaries in terms of at-home workouts with a product that offers beautifully created workout videos focused on specific training styles.

Using some of the best trainers out there, including Alex Crockford, Courtney Fearon, Gede Foster, Lawrence Price and Lilly Sabri, the on-demand service produces some of the most impressively choreographed and expertly filmed videos you're likely to find online. As well as accessing a massive selection of pre-made sessions, you can also join in daily live workouts from the comfort of your front room, receive personal training plans, track your efforts via the Fiit wearable and compare your effort against other users on the live scoring system

You can access Fiit on a free limited function option or for £20 a month for the full package. At present it's only available for iOS, but they'll be hitting other devices in the near future.

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The 5-minute fix

Watch The North Face's Stefano Ghisolfias he climbs an extreme 30-metre Catalonian route that defines the limits of sport climbing – a line that at some points offers nothing more than a single middle finger hold (5m57s)

Ever wanted to train like a Kenyan runner? This video from The Running Channel looks at how to incorporate hill training into your plan. It may not be the nicest workout to do, but it works (5m18s)

When it comes to coaching advice, there aren't many experts out there making videos as useful and accessible as Kinetic Revolution's James Dunne. Here he talks about the best knee rehab exercises and how to do them(4m15s)

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